X-Cell Restorative Body Oil 200ml | Menopause Skin Concerns

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~ Anti-yeast infection properties

~ Increases Estrogen levels

~ Anti-sagging skin plant oil properties

~ Reduces menstruation pain

~ Suitable for all skin types 

This comprehensive blend containing Frankincense oil, known for its wealth of health-supporting properties and its anti-inflammatory activity is synergistically blended with Rose & Neroli essential oils. It also contains Boron, a active plant shown in university research to be effective in post-menopausal women. 


Rich in plant compounds known to treat and inhibit yeast infections so great if you are prone to intimate area irritations and shown to reduce menstruation pain.

Effective against dryness, aged and sagging skin, this beautiful aroma will lift your mood as well as your skin.  Can be used either to massage the skin directly or as part of a warm bath at the end of the day.



  • 4 pumps into a warm bath at the start of running the water. Soak for 20 minutes. Pad dry when you come out the bath. 


  • Apply daily to damp skin after showering

Active Unadulterated Ingredients


A mineral that is found in foods such as nuts. People take boron supplements as medicine. 

Boron affects the way the body handles other minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. It also seems to increase estrogen levels in older (post-menopausal) women and healthy men. estrogen is thought to be helpful in maintaining healthy bones and mental function. Boric acid, a common form of boron, can kill the yeast that causes vaginal infections. Boron may have antioxidant effects.

Peach kernel oil 

A light texture that absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky film. It protects sensitive, dry and mature skin and can help to strengthen the skin's immune system. Peach kernel oil smooths and hydrates the skin, improves skin elasticity and leaves a soft and supple feel.


The natural properties are said to promote feelings of relaxation, peace, and overall wellness. It's also thought that frankincense can help support cellular function, so it's often used to soothe skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes

Rose Oil 

Relieves Stress, Fights Anxiety and Relaxes Your Body and Mind. During rose aromatherapy, the essential oils move deep into your skin and the air in your lungs, regenerating skin while comforting the mind. It slowly relaxes your muscles, relieves spasms, and reduces inflammation.

We only use organically derived, unadulterated therapeutical botanical oils. These natural raw materials are so well protected and cared for to maintain all the nutritional goodness from the plant. At a molecular level these are highest quality natural ingredients available in the world. We never cheapen on quality or botanical raw materials!



Estrogen in older women 

Menopause is associated with a relatively abrupt decline in the ovarian production of estrogen that results in a state of estrogen deficiency.

Macular degeneration and cataract formation may be additional consequences of the estrogen deficiency state. Thus the estrogen deficiency state may be characterized as a state of accelerated ageing. The abrupt transition from the reproductive state of multiple estrogen-dependent neural systems within the brain may affect their function as manifested by the typical menopausal symptoms of hot flashes, mood changes, sleep disturbance, and cognitive impairment. 

What are the symptoms of low estrogen levels?

Dry skin.

Tender breasts.

Weak or brittle bones.

Trouble concentrating.

Moodiness and irritability.

Vaginal dryness or atrophy.

Hot flashes and night sweats.

Healthy Products & A Healthy Planet

We are passionate about the environment and avoid synthetic ingredients at all costs.

From our ethically sourced ingredients to only using a natural preservative! All of our packaging is recycled and recyclable and we have and will never test on animals.

The Study of Molecular Geometry In Botanicals

Natural Elements works extensively in researching botanical ingredients with UK biotech universities – our recent 2021 study found vital organic oils are the most effective at penetrating the skin to reach cells, collagen, and skin fibres.