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Skincare Veteran  "Why Most People Get The Wrong Idea"

Skincare Veteran "Why Most People Get The Wrong Idea"

By Karen Blackmore, Co-Founder of Natural Elements & 25 Beauty Industry Veteran.

Skincare is a very personal decision, and many people are easily misled through their insecurities, which is used against them in marketing a products hype. Things are changing though, and many people - like yourself - are looking beyond the glossy advertising campaigns and learning what makes a product work and how unhealthy the ingredients can be. That’s properly how you found NATURAL ELEMENTS, because you’re openly looking for Natural & Organic products because they are healthier and work better - especially for things like anti-ageing!

How does a more natural product work though, over lab created synthetic ingredients? loss of a youthful appearance is caused by damage to the cells, elastin, collagen, and fibres. This damage is caused by free radicals, which is accelerated by pollutants and UVA light. 

Natural derived Antioxidants, that come from fruit and vital oils, slow the damage of free radicals by making the cells stronger (that’s why all these healthily eating books tell you to eat lots more fruit and vegetables!). The bonus of natural oils is you also get extra vitamins, omegas, and amino acids, which also help to protect and repair skin cells.

lab created synthetic ingredients don’t offer all these benefits in a concentration form, so you have to create more synthetic ingredients to offer these benefits, which in turn creates more risk to allergic reactions and irritations to the skin. That’s why you’ll see our products have only 8 to 10 ingredients, whereas cosmeceutical brands you find on the high street have a cocktail of ingredients that can be as high as 30 to 40.

So, if you are using these kinds of products, you’re simply not getting good skincare.

Natural Elements works Extensively to research natural ingredients with the University of Birmingham – our recent 2021 study found vital organic oils are the most effective at penetrating the skin to reach cells, collagen, and skin fibres.

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