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Is Your Water Causing Your Skincare Issues? 

A recently published article following an investigation into our UK water supply has showed that tap water contains some really concerning chemicals which cause very dry skin even when using a water filter. The chemicals found in your water supply includes bleach, biocides (that’s pesticides) and then of course it goes through a chlorination process. All of these chemicals in the water will change the PH levels of skin, lowering it from a normal 4-5ph to a 1, causing dryness and irritations. If you’ve been experiencing any increased sensitivity or dryness, this probably will be the issue.

Here at Natural Elements, we have discovered that some of our oils restore the natural PH levels of the skin. This is especially useful for anyone suffering from any skin issue including rosacea or eczema where hard water can be an irritant or cause drying of your skin.  

Natural Elements Solution


Add one pump of Hydrating Facial Oil to one pump of your Facial Wash and mix with warm water, this will clean and hydrate your skin even take makeup off . If you are wearing waterproof or heavy make-up, you can just hydrate the hydrating Facial Oil as a pre-cleanse step - simply melt the make-up by swiping it over with the facial oil before removing it with a damp face cloth/cotton pad. Then use your current oils as normal, either mixed in with or under your moisturiser.


After washing as usual in the shower, apply the oils to wet skin ( even in the shower) for very dry skin you can add our Body Lotion over the top for extra nourishment after applying oil . If you are having a bath, put two / three pumps of oil into the bath after you have run it. If you like a foam bath you can use the oil alongside one of Body Washes for a luxurious foam. The relaxing makes a super de stressing aromatherapy experience.

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