"A Mighty Beard Is Impressive, Great Skin Is Attractive"

~ Stronger, Healthier Beard Follicles

~ Protects Skin Against Ageing & Dryness

~ No Alcohols, Parabéns Or Petro-Chemcials

~ 23 Years of Scientific Research In Skin Health

we produce products that work on both beard growth & optimum skin health through botanical active ingredients. Prevent a curly, scruffy appearance by hydrating & nourishing organically everyday! 


Unlike many beard products on the market we provide active skin nutrition. These active benefits come from the best, unadulterated botanical oils in the world! 

Many ‘beard oils' are only designed to lubricate beard hair follicles and provide an uplifting aroma - we also hydrate & nourish the skin to be stronger & healthier!

Healthy Diet For The Skin

Achieve stronger, healthier beard growth & with less noticeable patchy parts! Our natural products contain high concentrations of antioxidants, Vitamins & amino acids, key nutrition for the skin & for healthy hair maintenance.

Step 1) Wash & Remove Dirt 

We added pure Cucumber because it’s rich in antioxidants and Vitamins B, B1, B5, B7 (Biotin) to hydrate your skin, Peppermint with its omega-3 fatty acids and Tea Tree to naturally destroy any bacteria and keep the skin clean and fresh. Ideal for sensitive or acne prone skin. 


Step 2) Nourish 

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Carter's | Vitamin C Face Serum | anti ageing oil can be used on  Beards & Stubble 50ml

We developed this face and beard serum to provide 100% healthy botanical-based benefits, with collagen-boosting antioxidants for the skin & beard nourishment actives to encourage fuller beard growth. 

Our serums are natural-born fights against un-nourished faces by preventing the signs of rapid ageing and pollutant damage that many stubble or beard growers often neglect. 


Step 3) Hydrate

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Carter's | Vitamin B5 Face Cream | Sensitive Skin 50ml

With all the active multi-vitamins and Amino Acid protein properties sinking straight in with it. We designed this Face cream to work against a 12 hour period to naturally calm and reduce inflammation. Apply after using the serum to leave a clean, matt finish to the skin.


Are you gym and weightlifter? We've produced a body care routine to help build your skin to be stronger as well! The equivalent of feeding your skin with a daily dose of nutritional fruit & veg from the bathroom or changing room!  The skin absorbs the natural benefits over extended usage and the results give incredible rejuvenation & decrease inflammation. 1 key benefit is our skin firming biotechnology called cellulose, a powerful antioxidants, which improves elastins in the skin.