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Hi, I am Karen Blackmore and have been formulating skincare products for 25 years. Although I am 67 this year, I still, in many ways, look as though I am in my early 50s.....

So what is the secret to looking younger? Well, it's not in the majority of skincare brands, so you are wasting your efforts and money with them! They are mostly synthetic chemicals, many of which are made from petroleum—yes, petro-chemicals - and are about as good for your skin as plastics are for the environment!

Natural plant oils on the other hand, contain high concentrations of vitamins, minerals, and collagen-building compounds, which are not present in the vast majority of skincare products on the market. 

I use the oils on a daily basis, along with 100% natural cleansers, tightening serums, and moisturisers, and this is what prevents the main source of skin cell damage.

Get a set of samples personalised to your skincare concerns with our bespoke skincare kit.  

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What do I recommend? 

Purchase the Bespoke Sample Kit Below and allow my partner John who has been studying Dermatology for over 20 years to handpick a selection of samples worth over £15 for your personal skincare goals. 

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