Your Skin, Your Health And The Menopause

Your Skin, Your Health And The Menopause

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it’s the first-line of defence against environmental aggressors, so it’s vital that you maintain its health for your overall wellbeing. Understanding how your skin changes during menopause helps you manage these changes to keep it healthy and protected.

The skin has two main layers. The first layer, known as the Epidermis, is the thin outer layer that plays an important role, protecting your body from infection and UV radiation. It contains melanin which not only gives your skin and hair its colour but protects you from UV rays and cell damage. The menopause can increase melanin production, leading to ‘age spots’, but more on that later...

The second layer, known as the Dermis is the inner deeper layer that forms the main bulk of the skin, it’s where collagen and elastin tissues are found together with blood vessels and lymph glands. This is the layer that gives your skin its flexibility and strength 

How skin changes during the Menopause:

The menopause usually begins a year after your last period. As hormone levels drop your skin can become dry and thin. Hair can be noticeably thinner and facial hair appears.  The skin reflects hormonal changes the most, so it’s not surprising to learn that as estrogen declines, the supportive fat under the skin gets redistributed, exacerbating skin issues such as sagging, wrinkles, flushing, dryness and pigmentation changes.

The motivation at this stage in life is to go out and invest in expensive branded skincare in an effort to combat these signs of ageing. Unfortunately, unknowingly, most of these brands are full of harsh synthetic petro-chemicals (derived from petrol, unbelievable as it may sound) so instead of solving the problems, they exacerbate them. 

Many of these synthetic chemicals interfere with hormones and this will not only be reflected on your skin but can also impact other systems in your body.

Natural products have been shown in studies to support the body’s functions during the menopausal transition, so for this very reason it’s even more important to use genuinely natural products which won't cause further negative physiochemical reactions. . An everyday product that we see time and time again causing problems, is the synthetic sunscreen (if you want to know more, read our article here about “how synthetic sunscreens can affect the body”).  Also checking the ingredients list on your skincare is a really useful exercise, just as you would food labels.

We recommend the use of Natural products and vital oils to limit damage and protect the skin from imbalances, often caused by synthetic chemicals. These natural oils not only protect the skin from external aggressors, but they can also slow down ageing by neutralising oxidative stress and supporting collagen and fibre production beneath the surface of the skin

How to manage lowering estrogen levels?

Vital oils help plump up the skin, so where there is a loss of supportive fat the X-Cell Body Oil is designed to boost the skins support system with its complex blend of plant compounds. The known anti-inflammatory benefits of Frankincense oil help raise estrogen levels, sooth menstrual pain and reduce sagging.   Blended with Rose and Neroli, this beautifully scented oil can be used as a soothing, beneficial massage oil for dry inflamed skin every day. This body oil contains Boron which has shown in studies to be good for           post-menopausal estrogen production and unlike HRT has no links to cancer.


Loss of collagen

Collagen is the protein that gives your skin its firmness and elasticity and as much as 30% is lost in the first five years after menopause due to estrogen deficiency, this causes skin laxity and increased lines and wrinkles.  Pro-collagen beauty creams currently on the market are more about ‘Smoke and mirrors’ than they are about real benefits. Most can't offer any proven benefits at all, largely because the molecule structure of a cream or serum simply can’t be absorbed at the dermis level where collagen is formed. The Immortal Facial Oil is our collagen hero. Our oils are proven to be absorbed at this deeper level. We’ve spent the last eighteen months developing this oil and proving that it increases collagen production after only three months.


Skin Laxity, what is it

Laxity is the skin’s loss of structural integrity, causing it to droop and sag. Declining estrogen levels causes a decrease in the skin’s elastic fibers and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), these fibers are what make the skin plump and bouncy so a decrease causes skin laxity and sagging.

Our Recovery Facial Oil developed in conjunction with Birmingham University, blending together the most powerful plant compounds of Frankincense, Mandarin, Bergamot and Sandalwood known to address menopausal skin issues, nourish and fortify the skin, improving elasticity and skin tone. Rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids this oil leaves the skin noticeable plumped and firm to the touch.


Thinning of the skin

The loss of collagen and elastin cause the outer dermis to thin even further, leaving the skin much more prone to bruising and making it slower to heal.

Our Luxury Facial Oil helps to repair and strengthen weakened tissue, Peach oil promotes cell regeneration and skin texture and suppleness, Geranium is nourishing and promotes an even skin tone and Patchouli supports skin healing and repair. The light texture supports the epidermis, providing a protective film and the high-quality ingredients help to trigger fibroblasts to produce collagen and support important connective tissues, this oil also helps you sleep at night if used before bedtime, if this is something you’re having problems with.


Pigmentation Issues

Fluctuating hormone levels can affect melanin levels causing age spots or darker patches.

Our Revital Facial Oil is perfect for sun damaged skin and helps fade pigmentation. It stimulates and repairs mature skin with powerful antioxidant properties known to protect against free radical damage. These stimulating ingredients encourage collagen production, leaving the skin tauter, tighter and radiantly glowing. Rose soothes, softens, and deeply moisturises the skin, Peach Oil is rich in Vitamins A, E, and Essential Fatty Acids for cell regeneration, promoting skin elasticity and suppleness.


Skin dryness

One of the most common symptoms of menopausal skin is dryness, caused by fluctuating hormone levels which affects skin hydration levels and levels of EFAs in the skin. Our Uplifiting Facial Oil is a rich nourishing oil that fortifies and deeply moisturises the skin improving elasticity and skin tone. Rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids this oil leaves the skin noticeable plumped and firmed. Using this oil on wet skin even just a few times a week will lift the hydration of your skin enormously


Night sweats and flushes – sometimes associated with Rosacea

Menopause and flushing can be a precursor to people developing rosacea post-menopause. However, it can often be misdiagnosed and we often see highly sensitised skin presenting as rosacea but actually being exacerbated by traditional rosacea treatments. If you have any doubt at all about this, contact us and we will give you some personalised advice.


What changes should I make to my skincare routine at this time?

 Simplifying your routine down to just a few tailored products will make a huge difference. Using our oils to protect you from free radicals, UVA and pollutant damage will help to repair skin damage and prevent cell decay. Antioxidants are our most powerful weapon in slowing down the main cause of ageing and all of our oils are high in concentrated unadulterated antioxidants.

 If you’d like to try a selection of personalised, bespoke samples, chosen entirely for your skin issues then fill in this form. We ask that you give us as much detail as possible about your skin. All we ask is for you to contribute towards the cost of the postage.


Our greatest must have is our Active Healing Oil, it’s a godsend for intimate problems such as vaginal dryness, irritations and infections. It’s an excellent lubricant, far healthier and better than cold, lumpy, silicone gels. Rich in Tea Tree and Lavender, known for their anti-bacterial/anti-microbial properties, to work in harmony with your own body.


NB: One customer who was going on a walking holiday had been suffering for months, her GP wasn’t helping her and she was terrified of the holiday because she knew it would be painful doing the long walks. 24 hrs of using the Active Healing Oil and our natural stone deodorant, the irritation has gone and her holiday was a huge success.      


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