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Skin problems are mostly caused by the chemicals you use in skin products, for example make-up are a huge irritant, especially around the eyes.

Most people think they use skincare products and things like make up removers which are for sensitive skin ....NO THEY DON'T.  Micellar water being one of the worse for containing harsh Synthetic chemicals...

99% of skincare products contain chemicals which you would be shocked at if you knew what they are ... Moving away from such products can make all the difference. to any skin problems. 

Here at natural elements, we don't use such chemicals but only healthy botanicals which are good for your skin and that's a huge benefited if you are suffering from skin problems like blepharitis using our face wash to clean is an ultra-sensitive way to clean the skin and remove make-up, then using our moisturiser to repair even on eye lid can make a difference you will not get with main stream products even the ones from the GP tend to have harsh chemicals in them.

 move over to naturals and see the changes ....why not try our samples click here 






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