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Cool Carter Body Care Box | Men's Christmas Set

  • Sku:

    NES601 (NES142/NES143)

  • Product Info

    • Bath & Body Recovery Oil
    • Omega 3 Body Moisturiser
    • 100% plant-based products with organically-derived post-training recovery benefits. Prevent dry skin, inflammation, and environmental damage with a very easy 3 step routine of products, which are natural born fighters against un-healthy bombardments to the body.

    The body care range was researched and developed with UK athletes combating dry skin, jock itch, muscle inflammation as well as contact with fungal infections from those often nasty changing rooms.

    Not just featuring strong anti-inflammatory benefits & skin nutrients from plant and fruit oils! The Body oil also contains anti-bacterial & anti-fungal natural benefits to quickly address fungal infections laying within the upper dermis.


    For men fighting the elements during outdoor sports, the body moisturiser is a healthier, butcher cream to shield against adverse weather conditions & bombarding pollutions, offering complete protection against irritated skin.