Sample Restoration Serum ~ Treatment Eye Area NES028/S

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    Due to the demand of samples, please allow up to seven days for delivery

    This soothing fragrance-free serum is a rich blend of Grape Seed and Peach oil with Aloe Vera extract. It's 100% natural; that's why it works... So many products are synthetic or petrol chemical formulations... but not this one. This is nature at its very best.

    High in linoleic acids, helping to nourish the skin. The serum is soothing and calming to the skin, leaving it feeling soft and silky to the touch. With no essential oils, it's suitable for very sensitive skin and can be used around the eye area—the lid—for even eye eczema concerns.

    How to use: Take a tiny amount on the end of a clean finger and gently apply it to the eye area or lid; small amounts in the morning and at night work well; it also acts as a barrier to the chemicals in eye make-up.

    For cleaning the skin of make-up all over the face and eye area, we recommend you use our face wash click here  {

    IMPORTANT NOTE: We will send you a sample of our hypoallergenic TS4 Face wash and Hypoallergenic Facial oil with this serum, so you can stop using the harsh chemical cleansers and make-up removers, which can be a huge irritation to the sensitive eye area Use it this way: Mix the face wash with warm water and a tiny amount of oil, all mixed in the hand, then use the mixture to wash the face and remove make-up, then use the restoration serum on the eye area and even as an all-over face moisturiser.

    By using the face wash this way, not only are you not using hash chemicals but the oil comb restores the normal pH of the skin, which can be reduced to a very drying pH by water and the chemicals  which are now in water nowadays 

    The oil can also help enormously with uva-free radicals, which is responsible for ageing of skin and causing skin cancer. That is why we don't recommend sun screens click here