How To Create a Spa Retreat At Home 

How To Create a Spa Retreat At Home 

Self-isolating or just spending more time at home? In these stressful times, taking time to relax helps keep body and soul together. We've gathered up a few of our favourite products that help create not only a relaxing spa experience in your own bathroom but also delivers therapeutic benefits thanks to the high-grade essential oils we use in every product. We are proud to never use parabens, petrochemicals or synthetic perfumes in any of products, we are as nature intended

X- Cell Body Oil

One of our proudest creations, this rich but light body oil is packed with potent health supporting oils and plant compounds including Frankincense, Rose and Neroli. Helping dry and ageing skin, the uplifting aroma of this beautiful oil with certainly lighten your mood

Relaxing Shampoo and Body wash

With a relaxing scent of Lavender and Patchouli, this non-drying, creamy wash is perfect to help relax you before bedtime 

Luxury Facial Oil

Rich in lavender and Geranium, this fragrant facial oil relaxes, repairs and nourishes dry, mature skin, supporting your skin’s natural hydrolipid film, giving your skin a youthful texture. Containing Peach, Lavender, Geranium & Patchouli extracts, this oil plumps up fine lines and gives an extra boost to skin.

Conditioner for Dry Hair

Don’t neglect your hair during a pampering session, our Orange and Ylang Ylang conditioner is a perfect hair mask, rich in antioxidants, Jojoba and Seaweed, it nourishes and protects your hair leaving it silky soft  - and the scent is beautifully uplifting and invigorating

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