Keeping Cool In The Heat

Keeping Cool In The Heat

I hope you are enjoying the wonderful sunshine? I wanted to share some top tips to help you thrive and keep your cool during the heatwave…

Maximise your Vitamin D

My first tip is to make sure you are using one of Body Oils, Synergistic is especially good for use in the sun. Using our oils and getting regular short bursts of sun on your skin is going to boost your Vitamin D levels which is what we all need (experts suggest that almost half of us in the UK are Vitamin D deficient) after the last two years. Sunlight is the best possible way to increase your levels, far more so than supplements or food.  Even 10 to 15 mins in the sun is phenomenal for you. Vitamin D is such a vital nutrient for your health, it helps you absorb other important nutrients like calcium and magnesium and is also critical for your immune system - helping you throw off viruses and other illnesses faster. 

Common symptoms of a Vitamin D deficiency include joint pain, fatigue, loss of muscle and bone density. Vitamin D also plays a crucial role in brain health and has been clinically linked to neurological diseases including depression. 

So get some Body Oil on and get out there! Even for a short walk. A receptionist at my local David Lloyd Health Club who has been using our Synergistic Sun Oil says she has never looked or felt better and for the first time ever her legs are tanned, she’s even taken the oil on holiday to Mexico and Greece!  

Feeling Fresh! 

It’s easy to be feeling a bit sluggish and sticky in this heat, but there’s no doubt our Refreshing Shower Gel is incredible at keeping you fresh, it’s a sparkling citrus explosion in a bottle with Grapefruit, Orange and Aloe Vera. Whilst it wakes you up in the morning it’s great for freshening up if you’re feeling fatigued in the afternoon, that’s what Essential Oils are famous for!  Essential Oils are absorbed by the nose and stimulate the brain to be fatigue-free so it keeps your skin feeling fresh and smelling like you’ve just walked out of a spa!  

Deodorant Stone

These innovative stones work to kill off the bacteria from sweat so you don’t smell. However unlike synthetic antiperspirants it does not stop the important function of the body from perspiring. The stone kills off all forms of microbes, no rashes, no fungal infections like athletes foot or jock itch or even sweat rashes under the breasts or on the inner thighs - we have soldiers using this alongside our Active Healing Oil to help repair skin damage. 


And finally, enjoy the outdoors without pesky insect bites or stings by combining our Anti Dandruff Shampoo and Body Wash which contains natural insect repellents Tea tree and Lavender along with Active Healing Oil and you can enjoy bite free evenings!  

Well that’s it from me, I hope you enjoy the sunshine and give your health a boost at the same time.

John Hamilton

Cofounder Natural Elements 


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