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Sample Pack ~ For People Prone to Eczema (TS040/S)

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    TS040/S (TS032/TS035) 3ml

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    This kit has now become a special kit from in residence scientist John Hamilton.
    So you will receive samples of our prone to eczema skin care range (1x cream 1x oil and 75ml body/hair wash) and also as well samples of our allergy extra sensitive range, 1x cream 1x oil which includes a sensitive shampoo and body wash of 75 ml .
     The reason we are sending two different natural formulations of products is because, in many cases, at least 50% of the skin problems respond better using a natural extra sensitive range.

    We are seeing at least 7–10 people who find our 100% natural products (for people prone to eczema and dermatitis) better than anything they have ever used. Even from the doctor, .

    We are also putting in a special extra sensitive richer cream (BL on the lid); let us know if this works better and we will point you to that product. 

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