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I am Karen Blackmore and I'm a co-founder of Natural Elements Skincare, and been formulating natural skincare for 25 years.At the young age of 66 this year my skin does not show my age and I've had no beauty treatments or cosmetic procedures. I know a thing or two about the best anti ageing skincare... and it's not mainstream products!

Why Does Skin Age? ... The main source of cell ageing is *free radicals ( about 80% of skin ageing is caused by them).

The best products for skin use certain unadulterated, organically derived therapeutic grade plant oils which can significantly slow this ageing damage.

Can these oils repair skin damage? ABSOLUTELY. 

Why are natural oils so effective better than creams. plant oils contain in concentrated form every single vitamin, omega, amino and fatty acid combined with potent unadulterated powerful antioxidants which stop the *free radical damage .. All of which are building blocks/repairs of cells including skin cells they also can penetrate the skin to the lower levels where this is needed. Creams which are diluted with water can't, they just sit on the surface which is dead cells so no mater what's in them they do nothing in terms of anti ageing and protecting the new cells. When you do this you stop lines and wrinkles and ageing to the skin.    

,How to use Facial Oils for great results:  apply them every morning all over your skin, face, neck, and back of hands to effectively stop further damage and repair damage done, and the vitamins, omegas fatty acids, and amino acids (that's the building blocks for cells) in the oils will repair any damage that has already occurred. then simply apply our blending moisturiser on top to trap the oils into the skin and give a matt primer finish for make up 

For maximum collagen rebuilding  the very best thing is our Immortal Oil - a must-have if you're over 50! All our oils also give you great UVA free radical protection, which prevents the skin from being damaged by this UVA. We don't recommend using sunscreen. They hardly work and contain huge amounts of harsh chemicals You get better anti ageing skin care from plant oils.

You can order a set of anti-ageing-skincare samples that have been hand picked by my Dermatology Anti Ageing Scientist Partner its a mini skincare anti ageing treatment kit all you need for a few days trial of what is the best skincare you will ever use . Click HERE and discover how to get the best skin of your life and age less. 

Trust me. Give up the big brands there just full useless chemicals which in most cases age the skin faster and see the difference naturals make with our very unique products 

Karen Blackmore 

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