Blepharitis, Dry Eye, Eye Dermatitis & Eczema

Blepharitis, Dry Eye, Eye Dermatitis & Eczema

Eye skin problem's like dry eye or eye lids flaking eczema on eyes etc

hi I have been a dermatology scientist  for 20 years and formulating products from natural botanicals for nearly 25 years, and I have found a special 100% natural cream that works on skin prone to dryness on the eyelids. 
If you suffer from this, get in contact today because, after using this 100% natural cream, your skin will be in a healthy place within 24 hours. I know this because I used to suffer from this and searched and searched till I found the natural formulation that worked.
I have also found, speaking to people who we have helped, that none of the medical products on the market help, so why not try a natural cream? You will be very surprised at just how effective it is. 

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