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Moisturising Face Cream 50ml

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Moisturising Face Cream 50ml

A vital mix of Aloe Vera & Passion Flower rich in repairing actives, to support the hydrolytic film on the surface of the skin, which helps keep the skin supple. Ideal for sensitve skin.

Key Actives:

Passion Flower: Contains Vitamins A, C and EFA’s all of which rejuvenate and repair with intensive protection against pollutants.Oleic acids in Passion Flower also keeps your skin smooth and plump looking whilst helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines

Aloe Vera: Repairs and soothes skin, quickly combats irritation, inflammation and relieves sensitivity

How to use: After cleansing and toning the face and neck apply your chosen facial oil followed by the face moisturising cream.

(may also be used alone without a facial oil)

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