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My Holiday Tanning Tip

Hi there!

I'm Kelly, I've worked for Natural Elements since April of this year and since working here my opinion on Natural Skin Care has COMPLETELY changed.

I was always very skeptical and completely believed that if you wanted something to work, it needed to be chemically enhanced and I wasn't too fussed about the long term impact on my skin as long as it looked good RIGHT NOW. You wouldn't chose a gradual tanning moisturiser to be tanned for a night out that evening...

BUT, that certainly isn't what I believe now. I am officially the annoying friend that tells you 'you shouldn't be using that' or 'have you seen the ingredients in that' when you've just spent £60 on a new product. I read ingredients as excessively as I check my Instagram account (obviously not in work time though).

If you're familiar with who we are and what our brand is about, you will know how much we disagree with SPF. "Sorry, what?". Yeh, I know. However, SPF has been linked to numerous studies that show it's actually a huge contributing factor to cancer. Some SPFs are so full of chemicals (literally anti-freeze and petrol as a couple of examples), that they are causing so much more damage to your skin and little if not none at all protection leaving your skin open to attack. So our recommendation is to avoid, avoid, avoid or if you just can't let go of your SPF, apply one our oils underneath to protect your skin from UVA damage.

That being said, when I planned to go away to Greece for 10 days I was looking at all the 'Insta famous' brands for the best sun-care to take with me. Mainly from Australia I found and pretty expensive considering how much I needed to use.

My boss thought it would be a good idea to test my reformed skepticism and give me discount on our Natural Holiday Companion Kit. SERIOUSLY WOW. I have never tanned as well and as dark as I did while I was away. Prior to the holiday I hadn't been in the sun for at least 18 months and thought it would take ages for my melanin to get up and start tanning.

I had tan lines on my first day. FIRST DAMN DAY.

How was I using it?

I tend to get a super peely chest and forehead (my lucky boyfriend huh) but this time round there was no burning, no peeling. Just insane tanning. I also usually get EATEN ALIVE by mosquitos, literally standard would be 18 bites per limb. Used our Kit & NA'DA.

I couldn't recommend this kit enough to anyone that just wants to be safe in the sun but also tan like you've never tanned before. I do of course have to say that we don't advise constant sun exposure. You need shade and breaks from the sun. Plus plenty of water in between the beers and cocktails!

My proof in the pudding...


A little goes a long way with the Oil so don't over apply otherwise you'll be slipping and sliding down to the pool or even worse, drop your drink!

I've been home over 2 weeks now and using the lotion daily to keep my skin hydrated so the tan stays longer.

My boss has agreed to offer the same discount to you as he did to me. So #matesrates is 20% off, making the kit just £30.39. That's the same price as a spray tan! Just apply code TAN20 when viewing the cart before you checkout and you'll be good to go!

If you want to get in touch or just have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me an email. It would be nice to hear from you!


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