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Our History

Well we started way back in 1998 inventing or should we say pioneering formulations using only natural plant extracts and what a journey it has been.

We are today certainly the most knowledgeable business in understanding the ageing process that we humans go through.

John has become a bio-gerontologist and anti ageing dermatology specialist working with universities and following the research of the worlds leading scientists in longitude of life and anti-ageing, with how to improve human health and wellbeing as we age... And what a sprightly pair we are..  A kind of anti ageing avengers.

Karen has become a total expert in skincare and formulating of products from botanical ingredients .

Our joint understanding has produced products which are hugely effective even impacting on many ailments that modern medicine have failed with and can be used by people with the most sensitive of skin.

We are hugely passionate about helping you, our environment and are leaders not followers in everything thing we do.

It has taken us a long time to build our business here in the UK  but we mimic the plant world in that.. 'The biggest strongest & best plants are the ones which take the longest to grow'


John & Karen