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Red skin. Allergy. Reaction or Just Downright Extra Sensitive

Red Skin, Blotching, is it Rosacea or Allergies or even Extra Sensitivity.

after 20 years in dermatology and research in cell decay and helped tens of thousands of people with skin problems the only really way to find out is through patch testing

I can pretty much solve your redness quickly. If given the opportunity

Doctors GP's and even referrals to Dermatologists don't in most cases solve the problem, in fact if its anything to gauge from they make it worse when people speak to me about what they have used from such sources.

You see what the medical world have is usually synthetic or petrol chemical products... The medical world has not moved on as yet in using plant products.

Yet interestingly it was clinically proven that plant skin products are vastly more effective in skin problems in USA.   

You can send our Co-Founder Dermatologist John an email and he will send you samples so you can try such plant skincare and see for yourself the great power they hold or you can call our head office on 01299 253994