The problem with Anti-Ageing creams

The problem with creams...

There are 3 important things we need to know about creams.

Do they:

  • Contain enough Anti-Ageing ingredients to be effective

  • Reach deep enough into the skin to encounter the 'ageing' damaged skin cells

  • Posses any damaging skin barrier ingredients that have been linked to cancer

Anti Ageing Ingredients

Essentially, a cream is composed of ingredients such as waxes. While some manufacturers use petroleum waxes, we prefer vegetable waxes. 

The power of a cream comes from the oils within.

For a cream to contain vitamins and minerals, many makers add a very small amount of oil to the cream.  Once mixed, the resulting cream can be composed of 80% water and less than 1% of the beneficial natural oils. 

We make our products entirely of beneficial oils, so you receive a concentrated antioxidant which reduce collagen degradation.

The main ageing damage takes place in the lower areas of the skin in the cells that are forming.

Deep Reaching Anti Ageing Oil benefits

Our oils also provide essential minerals, amino acids (which are the building blocks), fatty acids (which aid repair), and all the vitamins derived from plants, vegetables and fruit. 

All these Oils are in a concentrated form and reach the deeper layers of the skin (deeper than a cream) because of the oil's molecular characteristics. 

These powerful oils then deliver their repairing ingredients to those cells most in need of repair.

The main ageing damage takes place in the lower areas of the skin

The main ageing damage takes place in the lower areas of the skin in the cells that are forming.

It is these embryo-forming cells that are the most vulnerable and in need of the deep protection of the oils which creams cannot reach. 

Can Anti Ageing Creams Cause Cancer?

Retinol, a synthesised version of Vitamin A, is widely used in the pursuit of younger looking skin. 

However, it's use is linked to adverse effects for a significant number of users. A real concern is the retinol damaged skin barrier, where retinol disrupts the skin's protective layer, leading to increased sensitivity and vulnerability to UV light and pollutants.

UVA radiation from sunlight is the number 1 ageing factor. We never useRetinol

What is the best skin care treatment for anti-ageing?

Below are our enviable anti ageing product features.

Many anti-ageing skin care products are available, but not all are natural, have such a simple 3-step routine and are cruelty-free.

Anti Ageing Collagen

With up to 30% collagen loss post-menopause, it's essential to find effective solutions. 

Immortal Facial Oil

Scientifically proven to regenerate collagen, this product was developed over four years and there is no other product on the market that performs as well as this Facial Oil.

A blend of Vetiver, Neroli, Sandalwood, Watermelon Seed, Moringa, Kukui, Argan, and Mongongo creates the most efficacious anti-ageing solution available. 

The Immortal Oil invigorates collagen production, bolsters elastins, and the Omega Fatty Acids profoundly nourish the skin, enhancing circulation while potent antioxidants safeguard against and mend free radical damage.

Advanced Anti-ageing formula using very best quality ingredients.

Samples available ...

Sample - The Immortal Facial Oil

It's time

to move away from anti ageing skincare products that contain synthetic or petroleum-based chemicals which:

  • Increase cellular damage through oxidative stress

  • No protective ability


our Natural Anti Ageing Oils and Serums plant compounds which are rich in something called superoxide dismutase that:

  • Break apart antioxidant enzymes that cause damage

  • Reach deep down to surround new-forming cells to protect them

Over 50s anti ageing oils

Natural ageing treatments and moisturizers for mature skin

These products have plant compounds which are rich in superoxide dismutase for deep down anti ageing protection. 


Tightening Face Serum

Sagging skin, especially around the neck area, but also affecting the jawline and upper arms, with the most obvious signs appearing on the back of the hands.

This issue stems from a reduction in collagen and the damage of elastins by free radicals. Our oils are formulated to prevent further damage from these free radicals daily. 

However, what about the repair of existing damage? We offer a product that can reverse these effects. We are even astonished at its remarkable effectiveness.

This product is excellent for treating sagging, exhausted, and crepey skin on the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands. It shows incredible results, sometimes in just a few days.

Poppy seed extract, as evidenced in research, influences both lipogenesis and lipolysis, indicating that our product not only provides a tightening effect but also maintains firming and reshaping of the skin for extended anti-aging effects. 

Combined with the moisturising and calming effects of cucumber extract, it is ideal for dry, dull, or tired skin.

Samples available ...

Sample - of Tightening Face Serum 3ml
Tightening Face Serum 50ml

Tightening Face Serum

Contains Poppy Seed Extract which firms up elastin fibres to eliminate fine lines, crow’s feet and dark circles. Packed with antioxidants, pantothenic acid and a botanical Vitamin B5 Complex, as well as a nutrient for pro-collagen benefits, it encourages repair and rejuvenation.

Firming and hugely protective to reverse sagging skin. You can use it daily or just at night. Reduces dark shadows, bags and puffiness around the eye area.

Samples available ...

Sample ~ Firming Eye Cream (NES014/S) 3ml

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