Christmas Body Wash Duo, Relaxing | Gift Organza Bag

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    Double the relaxation with two bottles of relaxing bodywash and shampoo with this dynamic duo! 

    Relaxing Body Wash and Shampoo This rich foaming, highly relaxing body wash is a super relaxing formula. The Patchouli, Lavender & Geranium essential oil aromas combined are incredible. Wash your hair in the shower and calm your skin at the same time or relax your body in a luxury foam bath.  

      Heavenly lavender repairs the skin while the Patchouli boosts your mood and chases away negative feelings. Then, the Geranium (used heavily by the ancient Romans) helps the immune system. It's truly a very unique aroma! try a bath with this; you will never have experienced such an aroma.... No perfume here.