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                            FOR PEOPLE PRONE TO ROSACEA

when you first see redness to the face most people go off to the doctor or even buy products they thing will help. The problem with going to the doctor is they often wrongly diagnose the problem and then hand out or recommend products with steroids or full of harsh chemicals many made from irritating petro chemicals which if you have extra sensitive skin is not the best to be using.  As a scientist with dermatologist experience specialising in skin for the last 20 years ...  what you may be doing is putting 'petrol on fire analogy' when you use them

We have two ranges both without all the harsh synthetic chemicals which you could try so email me today on john@naturalelementsskincare.com  and i will send you samples. 

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 BREAKING NEWS: the leading institute American Academy of Dermatology this year in clinical research have shown that naturals are better for skin problems by a huge margin