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The Infinity Super Oil

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The Infinity Super Oil

The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Oil. Our Infinity Super Oil is an elite dual action blend of Essential & Vital Oils designed to help reverse the biological signs of ageing whilst protecting the skin against the six main causes of cell damage- Free Radicals, Oxidation, Emotional Stress, UVA Damage, Pollutants & Collagen Decay. Beautifully handcrafted with exceptional long term benefits. It’s not just diamonds that are forever...

We extensively researched over a 4 year period to find the best ingredients for intensive skin rejuvenation, including pigmentation/age spots, Sagging, Wrinkles, Fine lines, Dullness, Dryness. Within this research, we looked into Oxidate Stress on Cells/ Skin and saw that the constant attack destroys the very Chromosomes that are essential for our Cells/ Fibres/ Collagen. This formulation is designed to easily absorb into the skin and deliver these active ingredients for maximum protection. These specific Vital Oils have been found to reverse the basic deterioration, a reaction induced by aggressive radicals in the biological structure.

One of the best Vital Oils on the market today is Olive Oil. There is only one type which has huge amounts of Antioxidants so mixing with Peach is a perfect recipe for your Skin. Peach contains vitamins A and E and B-group vitamins. As you age the skin becomes thinner in texture, using Peach Kernel delays that process and keeps the elasticity of the skin.

At the end of our DNA, we have Telomeres. Telomere are protected by antioxidants and are an essential part of how our cells age. Telomeres are the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect our chromosomes, like the plastic tips at the end of shoelaces. Without the coating, shoelaces become frayed until they can no longer do their job, just as without Telomeres, DNA strands become damaged and our cells can’t do their job. Look after your antioxidants and your Telomeres will look after you!


Key Actives:
  • Neroli: Improves poor circulation, thread veins & age spots
  • Sandalwood: Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines & hydrates the skin
  • Rose: Adds radiance to dull skin & helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Poppy Seed Extract: Rich in Selenium (fights against Free Radicals), Omega-9 & 3 Fatty Acid, Antioxidant, Lipolytic (fat reducing), Triglyerceride (Keeps skin supple), Pantothenic Acid & Vitamin B5 for Cell Growth.
  • Olive Oil: Rich in antioxidants, especially vitamin E. Among plant oils, Olive oil is the highest in monounsaturated fat, which doesn't oxidize in the body. Will not block pores.
  • Peach Oil: Great for dry, flaky or sensitive skin. Rich in Vitamins A,E,F. Will not block pores.

Suitable for: all skin types, best suited to mature skin.

Recommended Use: Apply directly to clean skin, gently massaging into all areas of the face and neck particularly at night.

Full Ingredients: Peach Oil (Prunus Persica) Olive Oil (Olea Europaea) Poppy (Papaver Rhoeas) extract, Caprylic/Capic Triglyceride, Tocopherol, Neroli (Citrus Amara) Sandalwood (Santalum Album) Rose (Rosa Centifolia) Jasmin (Jasminum Officianie) Allergens: Geraniol, Farnesol, Limonene, Linalool, Citronellol

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This formulation uses State of the Art research into cell decay, (what causes damage to skin fibres & collagen) and how to stop or even reverse the damage. click here for the research

We would like to recognise the following research which enabled us to create this product; Stanford, Newcastle, Glasgow, Harvard Universities and Cambridge University (molecule biology intelligence unit). Dr Daz Q10 . Life Extension Magazine US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health BBA - Bioenergetics • BBA - Biomembranes • BBA - Clinical • BBA - Gene Regulatory Mechanisms • BBA - General Subjects • BBA - Molecular Cell Research • BBA - Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids • BBA - Proteins and Proteomics •


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