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the Secret of anti ageing skincare

The Knowledge of discovery

Among the scientific community the largest discussion is cell decay, a major contributor to aging, such life cells provides energy for basic metabolic processes, and their decay with age can impair cellular metabolism and lead to cellular decline.

Today, Progressive ways to delay the life decay is now at the forefront of science, often described by scientists as the elusive fountain of youth. This kind of research could help towards us living longer, but still retaining a healthy mind and body through stronger cells.

Our body’s engines produce free radicals at the rate of 100 quintillion free radicals per second (200,000 superoxide anion radicals per mitochondria per second). These free radicals are like heat in a car engine. They must be quenched or they will destroy the mitochondria and continue to damage other parts of the cell as well.
Just as we protect our car engines with oils and coolants in order to maximise the life of the car engine, similarly, we need to protect our cells from damage.

At our manufacturing business Essentially Yours - the research and development center for nutritional skin care brand natural elements – We have closely followed the scientific research behind cell decay, especially for the epidermis layers, the 4 layers of skin. 

Ultra-potent compounds, delivered in a pure unadulterated form, provide an extraordinary defense against cell decay. Researchers found it not only protected from oxidative damage but also it stimulated growth of new cells and neutralised superoxide and hydroxyl radicals.
Such formulation of researched compounds allows thousands of electron transfers without undergoing molecular breakdown that comes with oxidative stress, combined with anti inflammatory molecules this is a effective preventive to skin ageing.  

jh-photo-2015-j-peg.jpg(Biogerontology is the study of the biological processes of ageing, endeavoring to prevent, slow and even reverse the underlying processes)

John's close on 20 years in this industry which has given him a lot more knowledge about dermatology/skincare and how it is effected by chemicals more so than any other skin experts, including many in the medical profession. The last 5 years have seen him become integrated in more life cell science, this is something which many universities are also focused on i.e. molecule gerontology intelligence studies into why cells decay and age.

This gives him an extraordinary alternative view of how you can prevent ailments & premature ageing from what you use daily.

Why not get a free skincare sample pack by emailing your full name and postal address to john@essentially-yours.co.uk