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Who is Natural Elements?

We use special botanical extracts for their abundance of vitamins and proteins, then unadulterated vital oils for their super antioxidants; and pure, organic essential oils for life cell balancing – which we then blend to a pharmaceutical standard. Our research into the causes of Senescence ie the ageing of humans puts us way ahead of understanding how to create the most effective anti ageing products of our time.. when you are involved in the research of life lengthening then that knowledge can be incorporated into the world of skin anti ageing. Our Motto of research is ... No one made a difference by being the same and you will find out we are not about the packaging and wrapping ... we are about the product, that's whats sets us apart from the other beauty brands.     

We avoid unhealthy petro-chemicals, paraben preservatives,alcohols & artificial colours, perfumes and synthetic ingredients. Not just some of them but all of them.

Where the artificial world of Botox, fillers, peels and so many other treatments offer risky temporally fixes, we are about long- term anti-ageing and health within the synergy of cellular structures. 

Testing on Animals: Our products and the raw materials used to make them are not tested on animals. All finished cosmetic products cannot be tested by law on animals in Europe so you need to ask is your raw materials tested and in about 90% of brands they are still testig the raw materials on them.

Vegan and Vegetarian: All of our products are suitable as they contain no animal ingredients at all including bees wax, honey or milk related.

Allergies:  We provide a specially formulated fragrance-free range of products for customers with over-sensitive skin. The ingredients are plant based and contain aloe vera extract – working to calm the skin over a few months, and in many cases, restore it back to normal. No nut oils are used

Certified Organic Ingredients: We aim to source our raw materials from companies with approved organic certification, such as the Soil Association and EcoCert. Our vegetable and plant extracts are also organically derived from certified sources.

Halal: Our products are suitable for those following Halal as they do not contain alcohol or animal ingredients.  

Environmental Issues:  At least 1.6 billion tons of chemicals from shampoos alone are fed down the drains every year in the UK. As our products are all plant derived and water-soluble. They break up easily and are kinder to the environmental cycle, without adding to the pollution. 
We also operate a recycling policy of re-using all boxes and components wherever possible.

 All our packaging is fully recyclable, we make suer that anything we use does not leak into the product.    

Essentiall Yours is the Makers of Natural Elements & it's sister brand Therapeutics:


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