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Why are Natural elements products so different to others



Over the last 20 years we have been involved in inventing and making products without all the harsh chemicals but the last 7 years have taken us into a different world... that of anti- ageing or what we prefer to call ‘Ageing Well’

You see what is said in the beauty world is well (sorry to say) all a load of marketing nonsense. Because of our intensive study of what ages human cells, our research of the up to date scientific papers by university's looking at why we age and how to slow it down has concluded one thing... if you are not using natural oils ...you’re not getting the best out of skin care. 

Scientists concluding that nearly all skincare products are ill equipped to really deal or produce substantial results, what is crucial to protecting, repairing and restore ageing skin, whats needed is simply not in most skincare products... no matter what their name is or the price.

*The main source of damage is free radical oxidative stress, (* prof de grey of Cambridge university molecule bio intelligence unit) now these impacts hugely on Elastic Fibers, Collagen and Cells. One of the most important cells ‘the Mitochondrial is the power cell which is constantly under attack (many scientist believe this cell decay is the cause of Parkinson’s and things like Alzheimer’s ) while that’s still being researched they certainly are a central cause of skin ageing especially when pollutants and UVA light increases its damaging effect. click here for Newcastle university research about this    

Natural oils have shown incredible ability to neutralise the oxidative stress that our skins have to deal with... creams hardly do anything, 

We use creams to trap in the oil and moisture and give a non-oily finish for make up, thus the oil is in the skin not on the skin  

If you want  ‘Ageing Well’ then you need natural oils ( note; baby oil or even things like bio oil are made using petrol chemicals and that can be a pollutant because of the heavy metal aspect of what’s in them ...even increase the ageing process according to research by Prof Degrey*) So naturals oils are the only thing to use and they also contain huge amounts of vitamins, amino’s and things that cells want/need to be healthy.     

 The products made by us not only have a formidable free radical-scavenging capacity more so than any other brand of skincare but it is in a form which is uninterrupted by synthetic chemicals within the formulations.

This breakthrough in understanding and indeed what’s needed and in what form for preventing the cellular decay is the bridge of understanding to the road of anti ageing as never seen before. 

Compiled from academic records by John Hamilton Dermatologist & SKIN ANTI-AGEING BIO-GERONTOLOGIST

Biogerontology is a sub-field of gerontology studying the biological processes of ageing, it endeavors to slow, prevent, and even reverse ageing in humans slowing down the underlying processes of ageing.

With recognition to below & Stanford, Newcastle, Glasgow , Harvard Universities, Cambridge intelligence molecule biology unit  

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