How Natural Products Boost the Immune System

How Natural Products Boost the Immune System

Natural Products and Immune Boosting ..

A lot of people know about eating immune boosting foods, but do you know about immune boosting oils?

When you look for things to boost your immune system its important to know just what does what and where in the body it does them.

 The pandemic produced words that many had never heard of before like T cells, but have you heard about B cells?

Well let’s explain

 There are two main types: T cells and B cells. B cells produce antibody molecules that can latch on and destroy invading viruses or bacteria.

T cells are direct fighters of foreign invaders and also produced cytokines, which are biological substances that help activate other parts of the immune system.

T cells can wipe out infected or cancerous cells. They also direct the immune response by helping B lymphocytes to eliminate invading pathogens. B cells create antibodies. B lymphocytes, also called B cells, create a type of protein called an antibody.

Ok all sound great but how do you boost your T and B cells?

Well there is the usual advice: exercise, getting enough natural vitamin D from the sun  ( Have you read our article about spf’s stopping this Vitamin D Absorption?)  antioxidants to stop the free radical damage, and protein in the form of building blocks and vitamin C which encourages the body to produce more natural T & B cells

Interestingly you get theses benefits all in our oils, and in a concentrated form, but some stand out from other reasons. For example, this is a report from a cancer research study:

'Our study is the first report that indicates that frankincense extract has anti-cancer properties in breast CSLCs. Compared to many anticancer chemicals, which have limited potential to battle cancer stem cells, frankincense is an appropriate option to combat breast CSCs.'

 Now you get this in our X cell body oil and in the Recovery Facial Oil

You also get large amounts of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxident, especially in the Relaxing Body Oil and Holistic and Radiance Facial Oils

I had several customers who use the X cell for arthritis one particular lady has even taken it to her specialist consultant rheumatologist who was very impressed by it!


If after 25 years of research we can hang our hat on anything, it’s that our best friends are plant oils.  You have to know the right ones and blend them perfectly to get the synergistic benefits and after 25 years of doing so  we know what the right ones  are and where the quality ones come from.


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