It all started in 1998 long before even organic was a word used. We wanted to make natural products without the use of harsh, petro-chemicals and became one of the first to do so in the world. We have evolved in many ways since then pioneering work with plant formulations. 

"My own personal journey changed dramatically some 10 years ago when we were being constantly reminded that our formulations were incredible at anti ageing so I decided to try and understand how plants were so effective (and what was causing this slowing of ageing cells). So, I embarked in the research of biogerontology combining my work with universities around the world" Says John Hamilton co-founder of Natural Elements.

"Looking at skincare formulations it's plainly obvious that nearly all beauty products don't work, never have and never will and for a number of reasons. But people take on what the brands says, and it’s not till there late 40's they see ageing, sagging, dryness and even skin problems that they realise the products are not working. Your skin responded different when you were young, so it did not matter what you used! But that’s different now, since your skin can no longer bounce back like it did"

The good news is natural oils can repair and recover even in your 50's, 60's and 70's!  Try our quiz below to find the right natural oils for you today...

If you are new to Natural Elements and would like to try these all-natural, results-driven products, we offer a selection of samples & Dermatology-picked packs. You will also receive a £5 Gift Voucher redeemable against a future purchase with all samples (+ It's Free Shipping!). 

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Our samples are a great way to test if your skin suits the product. Although you will likely see skin benefits immediately, they are not enough to show you the exceptional benefits of long term use. If you aren’t sure which products we recommend for your skin type and concerns we recommend you buy the Bespoke Sample kit and our dermatology anti-ageing scientist will hand-select you a set of five samples tailored to you personally.