Natural Elements for Salons and Therapists 

Demand for Natural and organic skincare products is increasing, however a study by the Derm Review and published by Professional Beauty analysed the top 100 selling ‘natural’ beauty products and found that ONLY 42% of them were free of synthetic ingredients and 100% of the serums tested contained synthetic ingredients. 

If your salon and beauty clients are demanding 100% natural beauty products formulated using the learnings from the latest University research into cell ageing and with proven anti ageing benefits, you need to talk to us! 

Expert formulator Karen Blackmore and Dermatology Gerontologist Scientist John Hamilton have dedicated 20 years into the research of skin ageing to create 100% natural, high quality, high performing salon grade products. 

We choose the highest quality, unadulterated, organically derived, all natural, sustainably sourced ingredients (even our preservatives are 100% natural - unlike every other salmon brand!) and formulate them into highly effective products that are a pleasure to use.

If you want to try these products for yourself, fill in the form below and we will send you samples to  try along with more information. I will also send you a sample of the game changing Immortal Oil - the most advanced anti ageing oil we have ever seen. Find out more about this innovative product here

Only Pure Natural Ingredients