Frustrated With Sensitive reactions?

Sensitive skin is a real pain and you have our deepest sympathy. Most products are not helping the situation and even what you get from the doctors or dermatologists is non-effective. In fact, the daily consultations we have with online suggests these products are making it worse! 

At Natural Elements we have studied the molecular geometry of plants & how the internal chemistry inside unique plants can have major benefits to sensitive skin. Every plant or fruit we use in our products are carefully extracted to maintain these healthy properties so they can be blended into effective, gentle products. 

Natural Elements Skin Care

Only 42% of natural skin care brands on the market are actually (and often only partly) natural. 

In the new study it revealed how the word “natural” is being misused to market non-natural skincare products. 

Research conducted by skincare specialists THE DERM REVIEW analysed the ingredient lists of the top 100 best-selling natural skincare products and found that more than half (58%) contained synthetic ingredients, while all the “natural” serums in the study contained at least one synthetic ingredient. 

Majority of the synthetic ingredients found in the products had links to irritating skin.


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If you are new to Natural Elements and would like to try these all-natural, results-driven products, we offer a hand-picked trial pack consisting of samples worth over £20 chosen for your skin type by our Dermatology and Anti-aging expert. Please note we can only ship samples to the UK. You will also receive a £5 Gift Voucher redeemable against a future purchase of any full-sized product. Free Shipping as well.