One of the over hyped up words in skincare today is vitamin C. It has a great place in skincare products, but it's not the be all and end all of skincare; it's just part of a whole host of naturals you should be using.

Hi, I'm John Hamilton, a cell scientist, and I've been studying anti-ageing and dermatology skin research for nearly 25 years.

Anti-ageing is about a number of things. not just vitamin c it's about products full of all the vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids to repair and rebuild collagen and the major enzymes, combined with antioxidants, which stop at least 80% of the damage to cells. 
Now there are many brands; in fact, most of them are based on creams, which, for one thing, are too big a molecule to get into the skin where the cells, fibres and collagen are... Creams and serums mostly sit on the surface of dead skin cells.
You need 100% natural oils where the molecules are small enough to get to the new cells and protect them, as well as the collagen further in the skin.
There is also the aspect that most skincare products are synthetic chemicals or synthetic chemicals mixed with some naturals, but that's a waste of time. You need 100% natural products that contain huge amounts of all the vitamins, including C, and strong, concentrated antioxidants, and then you have great skincare for healthy, youthful skin.
and that's what we are all about 

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