Are you using the right skincare products?

We get hundreds of emails daily from people looking for advice about their skin issues, everything from dry skin, rosacea, pigmentation, lines, wrinkles, sagging crepey skin or other skin issues. People are not getting what they need out of their skincare brands and it's not surprising. 

"There is a product from a well known brand which is over £200 pounds per pot. I have been studying ingredients for decades and I can tell you that not only are the ingredients synthetic by-product of the petroleum industry - it's essentially antifreeze but also the ingredients will cost less than £2 per pot" John Hamilton, Beauty Veteran and Natural Elements co-founder.

Are we any different? 

Yes we are. For a few reasons. Firstly we never have and never will use these dubious synthetic ingredients but most importantly, when we started out,  we wanted to create products that had more beneficial impacts on the skin than other products on the market.

Working with universities in the UK

Plant Compounds are being extensively researched as being the new medicine of the world, certain compounds are showing signs of preventing age related ailments. Realising this, it was no surprise to them that our customers were experiencing such incredible results with our products on their skin.

We knew from our own research that for a compound to work it needs to come in direct contact with what it’s trying to affect or protect. In the case of cells, collagen, fibres and elastins deep in the skin (where the real anti ageing happens), we learnt that the compounds needed to get to these cells to have any effect molecule sizes of creams meant they couldn't do that. Birmingham University then went on to produce an extensive report for us on our oils and we also discovered they contained very high levels of compounds called Amino and Fatty Acids. Proving that our plant oils are a great source of every skin benefiting vitamin and Omegas.  So all in all, our natural oils play the most important role of preventing damage and helps the skin to recover from damage already caused.

 This is why we offer so many different types of oil and blends. It may seem confusing ,but you can contact us for advice on 01299 253 994 or fill in our product recommendation quiz by clicking here

John Hamilton 25 years in dermatology, formulating and biogerontology cell  research for anti ageing.

Only Pure Natural Ingredients