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 Shingles Score  Medical 0 Nature 10

There is very little the traditional medical world can offer, and it can flare up again and again. As you may be aware its a viral infection.

 and it has been said that it is reactivated by vaccines...

Of course, essential oils have for a long time been seen as anti-viral. Can they help if used all the time ? The feedback is 100% yes, they can.

So we have made available a special kit of the natural oils in a natural cream that are the best anti-viral along side a special body wash and that people say are great, so you can try them yourself.

Nature can often help when nothing else does, so give her a try what have you got to lose ..probably that horrid rash

if you want a sample of the cream then get in touch with me on or call on 01299 253994


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Active Rescue | Body & Healing Oil | 200ml
191,00 kr
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Active Rescue | Body Cream  | 200ml
191,00 kr
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The Restoration Serum 30ml
242,00 kr