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Is Retinol Safe?

Does it even work?

by John Hamilton

25 years research in dermatology and cell science

Is Retinol Safe? ....its not for every one 

Does it even work?.. it can do but the side effects are detrimental to long-term anti-ageing.

what is said

Retinol, a popular ingredient in many skincare products, its popular with paid-to-say journalists and beauty therapists, but not with the real anti-ageing cell research world.

 its mostly a marketing myth.

 Independent studies say that retinol can speed up the development of skin thickness when exposed to sunlight. Moreover, its application can cause the skin's surface cells to die rapidly, potentially leading to issues like skin cancer, pigmentation spots, and premature ageing most find that after using it for a while they have more issues than before.


Natural alternatives, such as certain vital and essential oils, offer way better anti-ageing, delivering potent antioxidants to stop free radicals damage in the first place to the skin. WHICH STOP SKIN CELL- AGEING  while promoting collagen regeneration with its high amounts of cell re-building amino acids while keeping the strands & elastin's supple so it bounces back after face movements like smiling, avoiding sagging skin and maintaining skin suppleness. Absolutely essential to skin youthfulness.. Retinols does none of this ....    More on these oils, micellar water and retinol inside the skin  want to try samples of the natural oils and cream that are super anti ageing ageing click here 

 Retinol side effects 

When Retinol is applied to your skin it will prompt the surface skin cells to die rapidly, making way for the new cell growth underneath to come through. 

The problem is you are: 

   * burning the top layer of your skin off abnormality

   * you are interfering with the molecular biology of those cells 

   * disturbing the natural protective surface layer within them

The new skin you are exposing has not had enough time to build up its natural protection film especially to UV light and pollutants.

This means you are exposed to skin cancer risk, pigmentation spots, and premature ageing.

The long-term consequences of retinol use are:

dryness, roughness

   * blotching, pigmentation, discoloration

   * thickening

irritation and very dry skin

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Natural Anti Ageing Oils 

The official science is... 

“Retinol is a potent form of synthetic vitamin A. Data from an FDA study indicate that retinoid ingredients may speed the development of skin tumors and lesions on sun-exposed skin.” 

The recommendation for using products with it has been, "Do not go outside".

Do Not Go Outside

Natural oils help 

Natural oils containing the most powerful, unadulterated antioxidants will act as a carrier for the natural vitamins being applied to your skin, delivering them to the dermis to boost repair and provide Free Radical protection. It is super Anti-Ageing at a cellular level; repairing its core. More on these oils and how the anti aging works

Cell degeneration studies show that 90% of the slowing of cell ageing comes from antioxidants. They slow wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, etc

We found that the natural vital oils we use brought back suppleness to the skin and repaired collagen, which is paramount in stopping lines and wrinkles. 

The vital oils can go deeper into your skin than a normal cream, therefore providing protection and regenerating collagen, allowing your skin to spring back to its youthful shape and smoothness.

Don't forget, if your skin isn't supple, it cannot bounce back and repair itself. Keeping your skin hydrated and supple is one of the most important factors you should be considering when developing an anti ageing skin care routine.

its a very confusing world why not talk to a world leading expert on anti ageing ..a Specialist in Biogerontology, Dermatology & Senescence Research.

Biogerontology is the study of ageing, endeavouring to prevent, slow and even reverse the underlying processes

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This is your Natural Retinol alternative. 

Formulated to tackle Premature Ageing, it’s a detoxifying, refreshing, and hydrating natural blend of unadulterated vital oils. Enriched with a triple-action brightening complex, the oils within this product work together to protect your skin against the main causes of fine lines and wrinkles, UVA Damage and a loss of suppleness. 

You will not get any of these benefits from a retinol-based product.

It's the extracts of Peach and Jojoba that provide superior protection against Free Radical damage, the main cause of cell ageing and are super hydrating oils, while the Orange, Grapefruit, and Patchouli infuse the formulation into a remover of dead cells but in harmony with the natural hydrating process, aiding the protective film on the skin’s surface and assisting to banish imperfections, pigmentation and promote cell regeneration to reveal a more radiant looking complexion. 

When the skin absorbs these natural ingredients over extended usage, the results give incredible rejuvenation to the skin's elastin, fibers, and collagen production - empowering our customers with authentic results against loss of skin elasticity & irritation. 

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