Anti Ageing Skincare

What are the signs of ageing skin? and are they really preventable or reversible? 

The skin is not a covering like paint on a car; its the biggest group of cells and the biggest organ, but its treated with contempt by skincare companies because they have no idea or even want to know what is causing the decay and the ageing or what could prevent skin ageing. 
As we age, our skin begins to lose elasticity, It may also feel less firm and exhibit other signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration, rough skin texture, dark spots, and even sagging of the skin
 Their is much that can be done to stop the majority of this ageing and even reverse it  BUT YOUR NOT GOING TO FIND IT IN 99% OF SKINCARE PRODUCTS LIKE YOU ARE USING 

Why are we different?
Well, it started as far back as 1998, when we set out to make products without all the synthetic and petro chemical ingredients 
Then we discovered something, which took us down a rabbit hole in the university research into the longevity of life and health 
What we discovered was that certain plant compounds stopped or significantly slowed  the main cause of cell ageing FREE RADCALS
 and the most commonly known aspect of stopping them is antioxidants. (This is why it is recommended that you eat lots of plant vegetables and fruits because the oils in them are concentrated unadulterated antioxidants 
And that's exactly what you get with us...  That's why we work when so many others don't 

SIZE MATTERS The main ageing damage takes place in the lower areas of the skin, in the cells that are forming .Not on the surface, where most skincare products sit.

Our extensive university research taught us the most important aspect of  cell ageing... For antioxidants to work, they must get into the lower parts of the skin, unfortunately, every cream, lotion or serum by other brands is too big a molecule to do so,

 so they are never going to work   

When should you start using anti-ageing products?

As soon as you can...  skin ageing starts in your twenties.... by your 30s damage is being caused, which will show up in your 40s  When you start to notice visible signs of ageing, such as dullness, fine lines, and rough texture, we should look for formulas to help target our concerns. The eye area is one of the first places to show signs of ageing, so adding an anti-wrinkle eye treatment to our routine may be the first step in our anti-ageing skincare routine. But that's not just it, by using one of our facial oils mixed in with our face wash and warm water, you will be stopping the wrinkles every day, even in your 60-70-and eighties because the oil prevents the damage and our face wash's special gel is a firming agent to the elastins' and fibers, which become slack

What are the best skincare ingredients for ageing skin?

We use the most potent, high-quality plant oils. which are acclaimed by science for their effects and skin nourishing characteristics.

The chemicals we steer clear of, such as Micellar water, along with other ingredients like retinol, hyaluronic acids, and certain synthetic chemicals, . These chemicals can disrupt cell functions, interfering with cells at a molecular level, causing something called superoxide enzyme production, ie major new cell damage. 
This will lead to accelerated cell ageing

3 important things we need to know...

  • What you will be using  will not contain enough anti-ageing ingredients to be effective

    Many products have a very small amount of oil within a cream which can be composed of 80% water and less than 1% of the beneficial natural oils. 

    • We make our products entirely of beneficial oils, so you receive a concentrated antioxidant. 

    • provide essential minerals, amino acids (which are the building blocks), fatty acids (which aid repair), and all the vitamins derived from plants, vegetables, fruits

  • Reach deep enough into the skin to nourish and protect new forming skin cells where the ageing damage is taking place

    • Our oils reach the deeper layers of the skin (deeper than a cream) because of the oil's molecular characteristics which enable this vital process.

    • provide essential minerals, amino acids (which are the building blocks), fatty acids (which aid repair), and all the vitamins derived from plants, vegetables, fruits

  • Contain none of the many suspect chemicals found in so many skin care products

    • No micellar water, retinol, hyaluronic acid and no petrochemicals

    • Nothing synthetic 

What products are available ..WE HAVE A HUGE EXTENSIVE RANGE


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It's time

to move away from anti ageing skincare products that contain synthetic or petroleum-based chemicals which:

  • Increase cellular damage through oxidative stress

  • No protective ability


our Natural Anti Ageing Oils and Serums plant compounds which are rich in something called superoxide dismutase that:

  • Break apart antioxidant enzymes that cause damage

  • Reach deep down to surround new-forming cells to protect them

  •                                                                 John & Karen founders  >

  • They have between them 50 years of formulating knowledge and considered the very best skincare experts. If you want to ask them for help, email them on

     or call 01299 253994 and you can always speak to them directly 

Natural Elements skincare is loved for deep reaching skin treatments
Natural Elements skincare is loved for deep reaching skin treatments