how to stay healthy over winter

how to stay healthy over winter

Finally, winter is upon us...

Tis the season for all manner of ailments and viruses to take hold, just in time for Christmas...

Let us share with you some of the ways you can protect yourselves and stack the odds in favour of staying healthy. 

1: Viruses just seem to get worse every year. There is a virulent strain in the USA and Australia at the moment which is making its way to the UK, brought largely by visitors, so what can you do. 

“Modern medicine is unable to cope with these horrid germs, antibiotics are useless against them but there is hope, nature has gifted us an effective defence in the guise of essential oils, all too often misunderstood, they are shown to destroy these viruses as they can penetrate the molecule, wiping them out”. So this is where our anti-bacterial Shower gels, Hand washes, Face and Body Oils really can act as your guardian angel. By using them daily you’ll have Essential oils around you and on you to actively fight against the little blighters your very own force field ... remember prevention is always better than cure. All you need to do is Shower or Bath with them, and then apply the facial oils and/or body oils to give you the maximum protection.

Don’t forget to use our anti-bacterial Luxury Hand Wash every time you go to the bathroom, Hands spread germs, so kill’em off before they get the chance to multiply. 2. Christmas Tree: Did you know that if you opt for a real one, they’ll be covered in bacteria, so when you bring it into your lovely warm house, the tree dries out and the bugs go air born and yes you and your family breathe them in. That's why so many people are ill over Christmas.  So what to do, well take our Luxury Hand Wash and simply mix a few pumps with water in a spray container and spritz the tree (before lights). This will kill off the majority of bacteria and hey presto healthy air, healthy house.. PS: It doesn’t damage the tree at all.  

   3. Alcohol: We drink more of it at this time of year than any other what can you do?   Well, super evidence shows you can flush it out and the liver regenerates, so just what can you drink to help it on its way?  Real Coffee has shown huge benefits towards this and of course, our little routine of ACV apple cider vinegar with the mother and turmeric powder in a fruit juice, does the same thing, taken every morning, it also gives a super boost to the immune system, (you can get the vinegar on our web site. PS: it's also said to help control your weight). 

Finally, the one thing we get asked about most is “how do I protect my skin from the winter weather”

It's simple really, especially when you go out and the skin’s exposure to the winter elements, just up the amount of cream you use, or opt for the Rejuvenating Face Cream on top of your facial oil, this gives a little extra coating to the skin. (just like wearing an extra layer of clothes for added warmth) .    Don’t forget “You can buy our Xmas Gift Sets on both web sites click on highlighted links in the text above of the product to take you to them  or A story that broke last week >>

Avocado as good as statins for lowing cholesterol ..Journal of nutrition Recent research has shown that it reduced the build-up of plaque in arteries whether your super slim, overweight or obese. Now if we are right then transdermally you could well get the benefits by using our products which contain the oil from Avocado which is where the healthy fats such carotenoids are stored.  contact us to find out which of our oils contain avocado e mail  or call 01299 253994

“Keep fit and healthy” so you can enjoy the festivities....


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