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25 year Beauty Veteran on how to look and feel great at 65

By Karen Blackmore, Co-Founder of Natural Elements.

Skincare is a very personal decision and many people are easily misled on the internet. At our age we are heading for dry skin, wrinkles and crepey skin. So, What's the healthiest way to reverse it? 100% natural products like ours will change you skin dramatically (even within a few days!).  

Healthier anti-ageing! 

How does a more natural product work though, over lab created synthetic ingredients? Loss of a youthful appearance is caused by damage to the cells, elastin, collagen, and fibres. This damage is caused by free radicals, which is accelerated by pollutants and UVA light.  

Natural derived Antioxidants, that come from natural oils, slow the damage of free radicals by making the cells stronger and protecting them . The bonus of natural oils is you also get extra vitamins, omegas, and amino acids, which also help to protect and repair skin cells. 




cosmeceutical artificial ingredients / sometimes mixed with low quality natural ingredients.


Scientifically-proven, 100% Unadulterated Botanical Oils.

Recommended Routine?

6 to 12 steps in a routine


3 step routine

Environmentally Friendly?

Some packaging / ingredients are often negative for eco-system and pollute rivers.


100% environmentally friendly ingredients and recyclable packaging (including compostable postage packaging)

Products Feel...?

Heavy & Artificial


Light & Smooth

Latest R&D?

New spin on old patented artificial ingredients


latest research from 2021, from UK university studies

Independent Owners?

Majority owned by corporations


Owned by founders John & Karen Since 1998


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Pure Ingredients

Scientifically-proven, 100% Unadulterated Botanical Oils.

Better Routine

You only need 3 products each day.


100% environmentally friendly ingredients and recyclable packaging (including compostable postage packaging)

Cutting Edge

latest research from 2021, from UK university studies

Natural, effective skincare 

For Dry Skin

Luxury Facial Oil 50ml | For fine lines and wrinkles

Our Luxury Facial Oil helps to repair and strengthen weakened tissue. The light texture supports the epidermis, providing a protective film and the high-quality ingredients help to trigger fibroblasts to produce collagen and support important connective tissues.

Radiance Facial Oil 50ml | Previously Know As Uplifting Facial Oil  | Vitamin C and Free Radical Protection

Our Uplifiting Facial Oil is a rich nourishing oil that fortifies and deeply moisturises the skin improving elasticity and skin tone. Rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids this oil leaves the skin noticeable plumped and firmed. 

Skincare Booster Oil 10ml | Super charges your skincare routine

This brand new Skin Booster oil is a great new addition to our product ranges, it's designed to boost the performance of our products with concentrated, high-performance botanicals. 

Suitable for all skin types, Works on dark circles around eyes, inhibits collagen breakdown, scars and red veins while reducing pigmentation. 

For Sensitive Skin

Hydrating Facial Oil 50ml |  Anti-Ageing For Sensitive Skin

Hydrating Facial Oil is a fragrance-free, fast-absorbing blend of Jojoba, Peach and Grapeseed oils that deeply hydrate the skin. Rich in antioxidants, this powerful formula optimises cellular function and provides superior skin protection.

Clarifying Face Wash 200ml | Anti-Ageing for All Skin types

A calming, soothing cellulose gel wash this anti ageing facial wash cleanses the pores, removes make-up and firms skin without leaving it tight and dry. Enriched with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory oils, this wash calms redness and soothes irritation.

Blending Moisturiser | 50ml | Use with any Facial Oil

Designed for use after our Facial Oils to lock in the benefits, create a protective antioxidant layer on the skin and create a matt, smooth finish, ideal as a primer for makeup. Essential Fatty Acids support, protect and repair the skin barrier and hydrolipid film. 

Natural Elements works Extensively to research natural ingredients with the University of Birmingham.

our recent 2021 study found vital organic oils are the most effective at being absorbed by the skin to repair cells, collagen, and skin fibres.

If you are new to Natural Elements and would like to try these all-natural, results-driven products, we offer a selection of samples & Dermatology-picked packs. You will also receive a £5 Gift Voucher redeemable against a future purchase With all samples (& It's Free Shipping!). 

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