How Do I Find The Right 

Moisturiser For My Skin?

This is the most common question we are asked time and time again. There are two main considerations you need to take into account when deciding what moisturiser is best for your skin.

 Firstly, Naturals vs. Synthetics….  

In the skincare world the majority of products are made from or use synthetic chemicals in their formulations, even the most expensive brands bolster their products with synthetics. We analyse skincare formulas every single day and in one famous cream costing over £200 they use chemicals that are a byproduct of the petroleum industry and cost pennies to produce and easy to source. 

The second reason is more complicated, sourcing the highest quality natural ingredients takes time,  effort and you really have to know your botanical knowledge, which is a something the big brands don’t have a lot of.  As you can imagine, natural ingredients vary according to many different factors: geography, plant quality, how the plants have been processed and harvested - the bigger the brand the more they prefer to use easy to source cheaper synthetic chemicals.

We say it’s worth researching and being innovative and we work with university research labs to conclude what are the superior raw materials, that’s why we can say conclusively we have the best anti ageing, the most skin benefiting (even to sensitive skin), products.

Your skin is your largest group of cells in the body and it is a living organ.  So covering the skin in petrol or toxic synthetic chemicals is just not the right thing to do. Synthetic chemicals  also have no benefits for your skin cells -   no vitamins, no cell building proteins, no repairing compounds -  you ONLY get this nutrition from naturals.  




Why You Should Be Using Facial Oils Over
Expensive Creams...
"Be more concerned about absorbance rather than what oils feel like vs creams."

The surface of your skin is mostly made up of dead cells, so whilst covering them with a protective natural wax (which, is what a moisturiser does very well) the molecules of the cream can't get deep enough into the skin to have any effect on new cells developing.

This is where oils come in, as oil molecules are smaller and penetrate to deeper levels of the skin, where the new cells, elastins and fibers are being formed. It’s at this level you need to be thinking about protection from pollution and free radical damage - it’s these new cells that need protecting with the active benefits in natural oils to help prevent premature ageing from occurring. 

So we recommend applying one of our oils first as a ‘treatment’ and protection for your cells and then a cream over the top to lock in the goodness and protect the skin barrier, which also makes an ideal primer base for make up.  

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