The Immortal Facial Oil 50ml | Collagen Rebuild

Natural Collagen Boosting Skincare

Our ultimate anti-ageing solution combines unique, potent oils for our most effective collagen boosting serum yet. It's unparalleled in absorption and leaves skin feeling luxurious and looking radiant. 

To combat the collagen loss that occurs in the face, neck, and chest as we age, we've sought out natural ingredients that bolster collagen production. 

'pro-collagen' creams often only hydrate due to their water base, but for next-level results, choose our collagen oil.

Rebuilding Collagen

  • Ultimate Collagen boosting formulation of the world's rarest and most costly natural oils.

  • Sustain existing collagen
  • Hydrates, brightens and plumps skin for face, neck, chest

  • The world's rarest Vital Oils and Essential Fatty Acids slow the ageing of cells and protects from free radical damage

  • Skin Barrier Repair

Our best skin treatment to increase collagen

It's time to act and rebuild new collagen before it's too late.

Don't let collagen fade away. You can upgrade your skincare today.


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"Amazing product

I've just purchased my 3rd bottle of this amazing oil. My skin never looked and felt so good until I began using Natural Elements products. The addition of this oil to my daily routine has transformed the texture beyond belief - truly an amazing product".

Actives and Ingredients 

Our gold standard in anti-ageing oils. Rare and exotic oils, all with powerful skin benefits are blended to create our most advanced collagen-building oil yet. This is what one of our loyal customers had to say about it: 

As we age, we lose collagen in our Face, Neck & Chest areas. We set out to find natural sources to protect & increase collagen production. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors with ‘pro-collagen beauty creams’ on the market. Most can't offer authentic results because the molecule structure is based on water (almost 95%) and that means you are only providing the skin with reasonably good sources of hydration. When you want (and not to mention paying for) something real you should try our immortal oil.      


Why Natural Oils?

Natural oils contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, C, D, E. magnesium, copper, iron, amino acids sterols, pantothenic acid, lecithin, folic acid all of which vastly increase the collagen levels in the skin.

Vital oils, unlike creams, can penetrate into the lower layers of the skin making them the most effective skincare Vital Oils are rich in Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and subsequently prevent premature ageing. They contain minerals like omegas, proteins and beta-carotene, which slow the ageing of cells. Vitamin A – a natural Retinol, which rejuvenates and nourishes the complexion, and Vitamin E, which aids cell regeneration.

We also use the highest grade of Essential oils, which bring order to cells and tissue, dispelling bacteria, and infection and stimulating cell repair.

How to use

Apply to clean skin, massage into all areas of face & neck. This should be used in conjunction with the Balancing Facial Oil and Detoxiong Facial Wash to give the best results. Results will be seen almost immediately but you need to use the product continuously for long term benefit

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Skincare Ageing Chemistry Facts 

Over 90% of skin ageing is caused by atoms called free radicals. 

If free radicals overwhelm the body's ability to regulate them oxidative stress occurs, and this causes damage to the cells. As cells breakdown, so too does collagen production, resulting in loss of fibres and elastins. This results visibly on the skin through sagging, lines, wrinkles, and dullness to the skin.

Reversing the damage can be possible by stimulating cells and providing the necessary nutritional components the cells need to stay strong and healthy. 

In typical skincare brands, these components are provided artificially through man-made chemicals or through artificial stimulus to provide ‘instant’ gratification results. 

The problem is, extensive research has shown synthetic stimulus and nutrition do have long term negative effects, including further accelerated ageing (skin thinning), allergic reactions, environmental damage and even acceleration of cancer cells. 

The alternative to stopping free radical damage is through organic plant oils and fruit extracts, which have the necessary nutritional components needed for cells to stay strong and healthy. 

The purer and better quality the plant, the higher the concentration of nutritional and vitamin benefits there are in the oil. 

The best way to intake the necessary components to slow free radical damage is high concentration oils.

The oil molecule is better suited to be absorbed through the dermis skin layers and into the bloodstream. 

Whereas cream or gel is too large and will remain on the surface, providing little nutritional benefits.  

Immortal Facial Oil's

Active Unadulterated Ingredients...


Intense hydration, cleansing and water-retaining properties – when the root’s oil is applied topically, skin reaps its potent moisturising action and skin protection benefits. Overall, it’s an effective remedy for dry and flaky skin, with its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties working synergistically with its moisturising properties to make it an ideal ingredient to treat combination or sensitive skin that suffers from both dryness and breakouts.

We have also discovered that this oil has shown signs to stimulate brain activity by many of our customers, who have given feedback about how they feel more alert and better coordinated throughout the day!


Full of antioxidants such as lycopene and also vitamin C and A which helps reduce these free radicals that can slow down the signs of ageing. Vitamin A can encourage the growth of collagen and elastin cells that helps your skin stay young and supple.


Balances and nourishes all skin types. An easily absorbed powerhouse of oleic acid, making it a highly moisturising oil and one that may benefit dry and sensitive skin. it also supports the skin barrier, protecting the skin from external aggressors such as pollution and is also critical to seal in hydration. 


It has been used by Hawaiians for centuries to keep skin soft, smooth and radiant, Kukui oil has outstanding skin-conditioning properties: it is an excellent emollient, highly penetrating and improves skin suppleness and elasticity as well as soothing minor irritations. It contains very high levels of linoleic and alpha-linolenic acids, Omega-3 and Omega-6.


Rich in Linoleic Acid to support skin barrier function and promote skin softness and Eleostearic Acid, which is a sun protectant and restores molecular pathogenesis of hypersensitivity, a natural sunscreen; the oil polymerizes when exposed to UV light which provides a protective shield for the skin and hair. 

Mongongo is also rich in antioxidant Vitamin E, magnesium which restores skin from dryness and reduces inflammation and Zinc which plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy dermis. Zinc can help to cure or curb several skin conditions. It possesses photoprotective and anti-ageing qualities, rendering the skin more elastic while diminishing wrinkles.