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anti-ageing skincare is a con... 99% of the formulations don't do anything, they are made with synthetic chemicals which have no effect on your skin all    

Having spent 15 years in molecular cell decay research much of it with university lab studies I now know what causes cell ageing and what slows it and its nothing in 99% of skin care products....The products you use.  

 John Hamilton, our Biogerontology anti ageing expert ~ a man who knows the science of what causes ageing and what we can do to prevent it ~ Has produced products which change all that.

But john does not expect you to just take his word for it so contact him on or 01299 253994 office hours and he will send you free samples of real anti-ageing skincare that work and boy do they work....   


So why do our products do things that others can't?  Well, it's about knowing the main cause of cell decay which as a biogerontogists in longitude of life research you have to know intensely, and this is way above the beauty sector. From there you then find what slows that ageing, you also have to make sure that the compound of them is of a molcule size that reach the cells they need to protect and are of such a plant compound to do so. This is why we recommend plant oils because they are the only substance that can do so