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Dry Skin

What Causes Dry Skin?

Are you struggling with dry skin on your face, or perhaps noticing dry skin patches elsewhere on your body? The culprit is often a compromised hydrolipid film—your skin's natural layer on the skin. This vital barrier keeps moisture locked in, which is essential for maintaining healthy skin.

Many everyday products you are using are made from synthetic or petrochemical ingredients, and they strip away this barrier. Even the chemicals present in tap water are very drying with low PH. Our products will stop this from happening.

The combination of naturals restores the barrier and gives your skin its own protective layer.

top tips

1. Use our face wash mixed with a little of our oil in your hand with warm water to clean the skin and remove make-up. This is super good at removing even waterproof make-up and can be used on the eyes. It restores the pH of the skin to normal. Also, apply the oil a few times a week to wet skin, and then apply the moisturiser on top.

2. Body: wash the skin... You will love the natural aromas—all natural, no-skin-drying synthetic fragrances—and when you come out of the shower or even in the shower after washing, apply one of our body oils. You again will love the aromas, and for a second of two, let the oils and water sit or mix on the skin, and then you can apply our body lotion to trap this all in if you want to super-hydrate the skin.

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