how to reverse collagen loss

how to reverse collagen loss


Stimulate Collagen Production:

Are you suffering from collagen lose? As you age did you know you can lose 1/3 of it when over 40-50 and 50% over 60.. to be honest with you no cream can change that EVER... but certain natural plant oils can ...don't be taken in by supplements or marine collagen it's all a load of nonsense 

Unlike creams and serums, certain plant oils have a small enough molecule size to penetrate deep into the skin levels where collagen and elastin are (the scaffolding of the skin) are formed. And provide potent amino acids to rebuild them

Our Immortal Facial Oil is our most advanced Oil, made from the best possible grade of amino acid plants It works deep inside the skin to stimulate Collagen and Elastin production.  it's like no other products you have tried before.

but that's not just if. Products like our face wash use a plant gel which tightens skin when you use it to clean skin and remove make up.

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