News on 5G and it's impact on health...

News on 5G and it's impact on health...

Many of you will know that as a Biogerontologist, I take a passionate interest in research around cell ageing and human health. I’ve been looking at piece of research in the last few days that has hit the headlines. The highly controversial 5G mobile rollout of mobile signals has become news in relation to human health.

A Master of the Bench at the Royal High Courts in London has given permission for a full judicial review into this technology after rejecting UK government arguments that they pose no danger to human health. The famous KC Mansfield,  who represented concerns from the public, said that it had not been categorically stated or proven that 5 GHz was in fact safe.

So while we all wait for the outcome of what we know will be years and years of back-and-forth legal argument, we have to ask, is there anything the human race can rely on from the natural world to help protect us?

Well, we have extensively researched just exactly what 5G is and how it can cause cell and hormone damage through our old unfriendly free radical oxidative stress (according to many scientific papers and the National Library of Medicine).

We have to ask, could highly concentrated, unadulterated natural antioxidant oils be the defence against it? And more pertinently, why shouldn't they be? The plant oils we use have shown super-nature benefits in relation to free radicals, so what do you lose by using our body oils daily? Nothing, in fact; they keep your skin in tip-top condition and may just be the very thing that stops you from absorbing such possible damage from 5G.

After all, prevention is better than cure, they say. I recommend using a body oil daily after showering I actually take mine in the shower with me and use it after washing on wet skin.


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