I'm Karen Blackmore.

I have been making natural skincare products for over 20 years.

I formed one of the first R&D formulation companies to make products from natural plant compounds with my partner - he's become an expert in cell ageing research at university-level.  

There's some very serious scientific knowledge that's in our products - all connected with natural organic ingredients. 

We know our stuff.... try asking a beauty brand or therapist. "what compound slows mitochondrial ageing or telomer decay" ... They won't know what to say. Those are just two of the main cell ageing aspects.


We use the most powerful anti-ageing naturals within our products, and these help stop cell ageing. 

When you're younger, you can apply just about anything to your skin because it's so resilient

You could use anything then - but not anymore.

Now you need real, proper, natural anti-ageing formulations to make that difference and that's what we provide. We have products for sensitive skin, oily skin, for the face and eyes and whole body washes to hydrate, nourish and rebuild collagen.

And, we have samples.

Do you want to try some?

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