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Why Using Retinol is Causing You More Harm Than Good

Retinol can actually be harmful for your skin causing huge amounts of long term damage and ageing:


The official line on retinol is “Retinol is a potent form of synthetic vitamin FDA ( food and drug authority) study indicate that retinoid ingredients may speed the development of skin tumours and lesions on sun-exposed skin.” 


Q: Why do so many beauty therapists, dermatologists and beauty journalist recommend it?.. And we don't ? 


Let’s start with what Retinol does to your skin -When applied to your skin, it will prompt the skin cells to turn over and die rapidly, making way for the new cell growth underneath.  But by encouraging your skin to do this process you are interfering with the molecular biology of those cells and also removing the natural protective surface layer the skin produces which protects your skin cells, collagen, fibres & elastin's.

Basically the new skin you are exposing early through this speeded up process has not had enough time to build up its natural protection and that can mean you are more exposed and susceptible to Skin Cancer, Pigmentation Spots and Premature Ageing & Wrinkles. 


People who use such things actually end up with reactions, damaged skin, red blotchy often very sensitive skin.


Q : is there an alternative or what's better without the damage

Natural oils can do a better job than retinol and without causing the side effect damage this is because they are not interfering with the molecular structure of your skin but are protecting it from the daily damage which is at least 80% the cause of premature ageing skin. Also many natural oils have vitamin A naturally occurring in them which in turn does remove the dead skin cells anyway but in harmony with the skin needs to be protected so you get the best of both worlds without the nasty side effects. 

Q what if you have already done the damage of using retinol? 

Well, natural comes to the rescue again because natural oils are hugely repairing so again order the sample kit below let me know your skin condition and i will show you how to looking youthful and healthy.


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