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 Retinol why using it will cause you skin problems in the future  

Why is retinol the worst ingredient for skincare or anti-aging products? ..

 Don't jump off... this is the single most important advice on anti ageing skincare you will get.

First, the downside of Retinol. It burns off surface cells, exposing new skin cells too early and increasing the risk of skin cancer; if used continuously, it can also cause premature skin ageing.

 We recognise that this contradicts what journalists and many others say,

But to be fair, they will say anything if you advertise with them, and the same is true for awards: you pay, you get an award, which is why we don't enter them. 

Nobody who says retinol is good has ever worked in a lab, let alone studied cell decay or ageing like we have over the last 20 years and at the university level...  Our research is in biogerontology which is identifying the main cause of cell ageing and finding what slows it and I can assure you its not Retinol or AHA's 

Many of the people who come to us with skin problems have been caused by retinol products; they report skin sensitivity and dryness even after a short period of use, and retinol does nothing to combat the main cause of cell ageing, "free radicals," which are responsible for at least 80% of the reasons why your skin ages and you get lines, wrinkles, and aged-looking skin.

Journalists and beauty therapists talk about retinol, yet know zero about its long term damage. That's why, if you see such people in their late 40's or 50's who have used it they all have prematurely aged skin that is often sagging. 

"We've been researching and developing products for 25 years to stop cell mutation, decay, and ageing." And if you want youthful skin as you age, avoid all retinols...  

So what is the alternative? What's better and does not cause damage? .... 

To begin with, natural plant extracts and oils contain high levels of collagen-building protein as well as powerful antioxidants that prevent at least 80% of skin cell aging and keep cells youthful.

ADDITIONALLY, if you want to remove dead skin cells without using harsh chemicals like retinol or AHA, we've recently developed a new natural mask that removes dead skin cells while leaving the skin fresh and youthful... CLICK HERE

Q What if you have already done the damage from using retinol? ..Nature once again comes to the rescue, because natural oils are extremely repairing. {Did you know that plant oils contain all of nature's vitamins, omegas, amino acids, and fatty acids? which is extremely beneficial to your cells; it's like putting your skin on a super healthy diet.

 So, order the sample kit below, tell us about your skin condition, and we'll send you a selection of the best anti-ageing/skincare products that will naturally show you how to look youthful and healthy and how plant oils and botanical products are a total game changer.

But do our naturals work well? read some of the comments of users they are thousands and thousands of them next to our products 

and if you still need convincing this is karen a co founder at 67 this year retinol just natural oils. 

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