Natural Anti Ageing Skincare

What are the signs of ageing skin?

As we age, our skin begins to lose elasticity, which can lead to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. It may also feel less firm and exhibit other signs of ageing such as dehydration, rough skin texture, and dark spots. The eye area is one of the first places to reveal signs of ageing, including dark circles and eye puffiness.

What causes skin to age?

Age is the primary factor, but internal and external aggressors also play a role in our skin ageing.  Pollution, diet, and stress can also affect our skin's appearance, leading to lines, wrinkles, and other signs of ageing.

But, exposure to UV rays is the top cause of early signs of ageing, making deep down protection vital.

The main UV ageing damage takes place in the lower areas of the skin in the cells that are forming.

When should you start using anti-ageing products?

If we start to notice visible signs of ageing, such as dullness, fine lines, and rough texture, we should look for formulas to help target our concerns. 

The eye area is one of the first places to show signs of ageing, so adding an anti-wrinkle eye treatment to our routine may be the first step in our anti-ageing skincare routine.

What are the best skincare ingredients for ageing skin?

We use the most potent, hiqh quality natural plant oils. which are acclaimed by science for their effects and skin nourishing characteristics.

The chemicals we steer clear from, such as Micellar water, along with other ingredients like retinol, hyaluronic acids, and certain synthetic chemicals, are often criticized in the beauty industry

These chemicals can disrupt cell functions, interfering with cells at a molecular level causing something called Superoxide enzyme production. 

This can lead to accelerated cell ageing

3 important things we need to know...

  • Contains sufficient anti-ageing ingredients to be effective

    Many inferior products have a very small amount of the beneficial oils within. Some are composed of up to 80% water and less than 1% of the active ingredients. 

    • We make our products entirely of the beneficial oils, so you receive a concentrated antioxidant. 

    • provide essential minerals, amino acids (which are the building blocks), fatty acids (which aid repair), and all the vitamins derived from plants, vegetables, fruits

  • Reach deep enough into the skin to nourish and protect the new forming skin cells where the ageing damage is taking place right now.

    • Our oils reach the deeper layers of the skin (deeper than a cream) because of the oil's molecular characteristics which enable this vital process.

  • Contains none of the many suspect chemicals found in so many skin care products

What products are available and how do they compare?

Many anti-ageing skin care products are available, but not all are natural, have such a simple 3-step routine and are cruelty-free.

It's time

to move away from anti ageing skincare products that contain synthetic or petroleum-based chemicals which:

  • Increase cellular damage through oxidative stress

  • No protective ability

Our Range...

of Natural Anti Ageing Oils and Serums plant compounds which are rich in something called superoxide dismutase which:

  • Break apart antioxidant enzymes that cause ageing

  • Reach deep down to surround new-forming cells to protect them

Natural Elements skincare is loved for deep reaching skin treatments

Firming Eye Cream

Our natural Firming Eye Cream contains Poppy Extract and other botanical ingredients which are completely different. Ingredients which help the skin feel firmer without dehydrating or causing irritation.

Our cream also contains vital oils which provide amino acids and vitamins, they encourage stronger elastin and fibres, helping to prevent sagging and bags in the long run.

Good to Know: This product contains 100% natural ingredients, is Vegetarian and Vegan-friendly, Steroid free and with no synthetic preservatives or perfumes 

Original Super Anti Ageing Kit | Oil & Cream Combo

The Luxury Facial Oil not only aides in reducing signs of sleep deprivation but provides the best defence and repair properties for Anti-Ageing, fine lines and damaged skin. Naturally fragranced with a delicate blend of Lavender, Peach, Geranium and Patchouli this exquisite elixir works in synergy to repair weakened tissue, whilst replenishing skin's elasticity and lustre. Rich in Vitamins A, E and EFA the elixir forms a refreshing tonic, aiding the protective film on the skin's surface and triggering fibroblasts to produce collagen and important connective tissues, resulting in an incredibly youthful appearance.

The Rejuvenating Face Cream is an indulgent but breathable formula that is quickly absorbed, rich in GLA and best suited for mature, dry and lined complexions in need of intense repair. On application, the actives work tirelessly to diminish skin concerns, tighten pore and decrease imperfections whilst leaving the complexion even and radiant for flawless skin. This cream uplifts flagging skin with an array of the world's most expensive Lavender, Rose, Orange & Passionflower Essential Oils combined with Amino Acid, precious Omegas 3, 6 and 9 to hydrate skin and create an instant 'lit from within' radiance.

Radiance Plus Skincare Kit

Radiance Facial Oil- 50ml

Our Facial Oil offers immense Anti-Ageing properties to replenish precious moisture, accelerate repair and create an impenetrable barrier between your complexion and environmental stresses.

Silky and Lightweight, the blend of Peach and Avocado protects your skin against Free Radical damage. While the uplifting blend of Lavender, Orange and Rose infuse the formulation into a refreshing tonic, aiding the protective film on the skin's surface, stimulating collagen production and enhancing suppleness leaving your skin looking smooth, lifted and luminous.

Works in harmony with the skin's own natural sun protection (Melanin) to protect against UVA damage.

Blending Moisturiser - 50ml

Light in texture but intensely hydrating, this Blending Moisturiser sinks into the skin instantly without leaving a greasy film. It’s packed with antioxidants and enriched with a multi-vitamin botanical complex of Aloe Vera to cool, calm and protect your skin. Alongside Grapeseed which rejuvenates and repairs with intensive protection against pollutants. Keeps your skin smooth and plump whilst helping to block the enzymes which cause the breakdown of collagen and elastin.

Clarifying Face Wash- 200ml

With an invigorating blend of Aloe Vera and Cellulose Gel, your skin will be actively repairing and soothing whilst combating irritation and sensitivity. The Cellulose Gel is rich in antioxidants to help protect your skin against environmental damage and provide anti-ageing protection and great skin-firming.

Also, for waterproof or heavy makeup, add a little of the oil to the mix this is what many make-up artists do in the film industry.

Konjac Sponge