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    Rachael - verified buyer Active Rescue | Body & Healing Oil | 200ml

A little miracle

"I love this oil. I have stretch marks on my stomach from having my babies, years ago. I have tried everything from oils and creams to essential oils. Nothing has worked. 

Within 2 weeks of using Active Healing oil I noticed a difference, and after a month the improvement is indescribable. 

More than half of the marks have reduced significantly in size. I really wish I’d know about this miracle oil years ago. 

I’ve also started using it on my hands when they become chapped due to over washing and sanitising. I put the oil on affected areas then add my hand cream and leave it overnight. The improvement is rapid. 

This has quickly becoming my go-to oil if I have any little cuts or dryness. I’ve also tried on a harmless cyst type lump on my leg which was caused by an ingrown hair (and had obviously been checked by a GP), the oil has reduced the size of the lump by half. 

I am very happy.

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