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Sample Kit ~ Prone to Rosacea

Natural calming relief for Rosacea prone skin


This fantastic range has helped thousands of people with Rosacea in the UK.

These scientifically developed plant-based formulations are designed to soothe, calm and nurture the skin.

  • Sample 5ml pots for Rosacea prone and Allergy prone skin

  • Effective & Instantly Calming

  • Face wash


    Facial oil

  • Firm skin fibers and elastics reversing sagging and crepey skin

  • Anti-bacterial, anti-viral
    Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory
  • No steroids

  • anti-ageing; as antioxidants within stop the main source of skin cell ageing 


The pack consists of samples from our calming range suitable for rosacea/acne rosacea also from our allergy, extra sensitive range

This is because extra sensitive skin sometimes develops an allergic reaction with symptoms which can mislead the best dermatologists into diagnosing rosacea, we provide samples for you to try both.

In most cases, one sample-set or the other, will show which sample-type works the best.

Because of their effectiveness, 97% of users return to buy the full sized version.

Every product we offer is formulated with pure, scientifically proven botanical oils and there's a bonus; they are great for anti-ageing because the natural oils we use are the top antioxidants and stop the main source of skin cell ageing 


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Nothing Worked

"I’ve been on antibiotics using so many different creams, but nothing reduced the redness, until I found you." 

Actives and Ingredients 

Due to order volumes,  please allow up to 7 days for delivery

5ml sample pots of each product (6 pots total)  (for 2 applications) and free delivery.

Many rosacea cases are not always rosacea but in fact are symptoms of extra sensitive or possibly allergy prone side effects (rosacea is commonly begins life from an infection manifesting on the skin).

When you receive your samples, you will get 1) the full rosacea range 2) and our hypoallergenic range of products. We ask you to 1 range first and if after 2 days you don’t feel an improvement or have a reaction, stop, and move on to the other range. We have over a 90% success rate with either the rosacea product range or the hypoallergenic product range. So, please try both but on separate days/occasions.

The samples should last for a couple of days (roughly 2 applications) so you can see the initial soothing effects of the products, but you need to be using them daily to get a total effect all the time.

*Please only buy 1 sample to try, if the products work for you, please return, and purchase the full sizes.

How to use

Apply to clean skin, massage into all areas of face & neck. This should be used in conjunction with the Balancing Facial Oil and Detoxiong Facial Wash to give the best results. Results will be seen almost immediately but you need to use the product continuously for long term benefit

How To Use The Rosacea Suitable Products


  • How long show I wait for results?

Once you buy the full sizes ideally you should see some results in the first week and noticeable difference in week 2. Ideally give up to 4 weeks to see your skin returning to a healthy condition. 

PLEASE NOTE - the samples will only give 2 applications and designed to test on your skin. They will not give you any visible results that quickly. 

  • I bought the calming range and it hasn't made a difference?

If you purchase the calming range suitable for rosacea and find it doesn’t make a difference in 30 days,  contact us on 01299 253 994 and we will exchange them for the sensitive range free of charge. We promise to offer you our full support to find a resolution!

  • Should I buy the kit or just a moisturiser?

You can buy these products Individually but we recommend trying the full kits so you can feel the full benefits and see the best results. You also save some money buying the kit rather than each product - many of clients have spent hundreds of pounds on ineffective ‘cures’ before trying our kits and have seen faster results as well. 

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