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Sample Kit ~ Allergies & Sensitive Skin

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    TS152/S (TS4/TS3/TS11)

  • Product Info

    What is it?
    A Sample Kit to allow you to try the products before you decide to invest in the full size products. The products have been developed for those that have sensitive skin that stings easily, or allergies causing redness and flaking.

    What does the Sample Kit Contain?
    A Face Wash for Sensitive Skin prone to Allergies which gently removes dirt, oil, environmental pollutants, and harmful bacteria from the skin without disrupting or removing the beneficial lipids, proteins, and normal flora that contribute to the integrity, function, and health of the skin.

    Light in texture but intensely hydrating, our Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin prone to Allergies sinks into the skin instantly without leaving a greasy film. It’s packed with antioxidants, a blend of botanicals and a moisturising base specially chosen to replenish, calm and condition sensitive skin.

    Illuminate a lacklustre complexion with this Facial Oil for Sensitive Skin prone to Allergies, a replenishing skincare solution that works to soothe, hydrate and re-balance, whilst gently addressing the individual needs of your complexion.

    Please note there is a maximum order quantity of 1, per sample, per order.