How to look after yourself premenopausal or during  menopausal

How to look after yourself premenopausal or during menopausal

Whether you have opted for HRT or are trying your best to avoid it as long as you can, ( NHS says there are links to breast cancer) you will be noticing some changes that feel out of your control. But nature can come to the rescue and in harmony with your body and we have through our scientific studies made products which can make all the difference and without resorting to HRT 

DRYNESS  your skin is going through a change you may even find age spots appearing we have created two products to combat this. 

Face: click here

Body { which has the plant chemicals which are scientifically shown to increase estrogen } click here  As estrogen levels fall the skin becomes thinner but this body oil will also reverse this.... AND intimate dryness 

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Hair loss or thinning It's so common for this to occur. The first place to start is shampoos and conditioners most of them are full of all the synthetic chemicals  .. which is not good for the hair and can really contribute to thining. We’ve had lots of customers report that our Invigorating Shampoo has improved their hair loss! It’s a delicate & non-irritating formula packed with vitamins & fatty acids to stimulate the hair follicles, strengthen the existing hair & promote hair elasticity and we know that the cucumber in it has hair growth properties Click here for product  

Studies have shown that in the first 5 years of menopause, your skin loses about 30% of its collagen. What you should be doing is protecting what you have from the main cause of damage 'free radicals/UVa' So our oils do just that. Birmingham University found last year our oils have huge amounts of antioxidants in them and this stops the damage and is virtually the only thing that does.. serums/ cream don't... The oils above contain vast amounts of vitamins, skin repairing compounds and of course a huge amount of the antioxidants to stop the main source of ageing to skin> 'free radical oxidative stress' which is responsible for 80% of all aging and damage to collagen which results in wrinkles

A tip from an anti ageing scientist  ... don't waste your time on vitamins or collagen supplements...  they don't do anything  

As collagen levels in your skin get lower, your skin loses its firmness & begins to sag so now is the time you will notice the most dramatic difference in the appearance of lines & wrinkles so maintaining your collagen levels as best you can is vital if you are concerned about lines & wrinkles. But we have a  product which restores & repairs your collagen, fibres and elastins Click here 

I’m far too old to be getting spots

Unfortunately, one of the many joys of menopause is the breakouts. A lot of women will develop teenage-like acne during this hormone drop.

Just because the spots resemble those of a teenager, doesn’t mean they can be treated the same. Remember your skin is now getting thinner & drier so the treatments available won’t work for your skin. If anything, they’ll probably make it all worse.

Our Balancing Facial Oil is PERFECT for these types of symptoms. Developed to take control of skin that is displaying concerns like hormonal breakouts & menopausal acne, it’s been formulated to quickly restore equilibrium to stressed or congested skin without blocking the pores. It’s also got the added benefits from the Grapefruit & Peach oils which are there to combat fine lines, wrinkles & dark spots as well as promote cell regeneration and encourage suppleness & elasticity.

Remember that you need to be using our skin cleaning and special exfoliating sponge which you can get here 

so what can you expect if you are using our type of products well this is Karen who is 64 this year 

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