Hair Conditioners

Revitalize your hair with our botanical-infused conditioners, designed to fortify and enliven every strand. 

Crafted with pure essential oils and nourishing plant extracts, our conditioners allow your scalp to breathe and also ensure your hair remains deeply moisturized and vibrant.

Perfect too for colored hair, our gentle yet effective formula provides a glossy sheen that feels invigorated. 

Within the range there are mild, creamy conditioners free from fragrance allergens for sensitive skin and those prone to allergies, whilst others have a blend of Lavender, Geranium and Tea Tree, rich in Vitamins A and E which work to restructure hair at the cellular level, locking in nutrients that strengthen the hair shaft, prevent breakage, split ends and even hair loss.


Here is or range of Conditioners:

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Stimulating Hair Growth Oil  | 50ml